Perks of a Bella: What's Inside the Coupon Booklet of BDJ Power Planner 2015

Friday, December 12, 2014

BDJ Power Planner 2015 comes with separate booklet for BDJ Coupon. This is a great idea you don't need to bring your planner if you would go shopping for discount you just bring this booklet.

And also you don't have to wait for your BDJ Lifestyle Card to be delivered because they include it on the back of the cover page of your Perks of a Bella BDJ Coupon booklet. Isn't nice! You can use your BDJ Lifestyle Card for discounts from the their brand partners.

Here's another thing, your BDJ Lifestyle Card can also use at any ZAP establishment to earn points and discount because BDJ has partnered with ZAP Philippines. From my understanding it's like a Laking National or a SUKI Card of Mercury Drug that the more you use it and earn points you can use those points as money or redeem rewards.

Here's the exciting one, they include the hashtag to their BDJ coupons so you could share some photos while using it. They also have this contest that if you complete at least 50 coupon by September 30,2015 you'll get 2 Free BDJ Planner 2016! Or 40 coupons for 1 free planner and the rest are discounted if use 30-35 coupons. I wonder if anyone wins the 2 free planner and because I'm curious and I'm eager to take the challenge and use 50 coupons so I could get 2 free planners for me and for my mom. Yehey!

 BDJ Coupon tracker, shade or check the coupon you already use.

 The list of their partner and establishment some are familiar and some are new to check in.

1. Ace Hotel and Suites
2. TGI Fridays
3. Fish & Co.
4. Ace Water Spa
5. Bulgogi Brother
6. Italianni's Restaurant
7. Sky High Bar
9. Party! Party! Family KTV
11. Krazy Garlik
12. ACE Coffee Lounge
13. Modern Shanghai
14. Subic Grand Seas
18. Skin Can Tell
19. SORCI Age
21. Browhaus
22. STRIP Ministry of Waxing
23. Dermclinic
24. Davines
25. Wrangler
26. The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf
27. 26th St. Bistro
28. Wing Stop
30. Pet Express
31. Pest Busters
32. Serenitea
33. DC
34. Captain Pepper
35. 360 Fitness Club
36. Roxy
37. Celeteque
38. Mister Donut
39. Red Mango
40. All Flip-flops Havaianas
41. Status Hair Salon
42. Megaworld Lifestyle Malls
43. Goody
44. Rustan's
45. Cupcakes by Sonja
46. Benefit
47. Azta Urban Salon
48. Fitness First

Here's a sneak peek of their BDJ Coupon. I observe some changes:

1. No. of Coupons - On BDJ Power Planner 2013 they have 80 plus coupons and on their BDJ Power Planner 2014 they have 76 coupons and now they only have 72 coupons.

* BDJ conducts annual survey for all the bellas for them to hear our opinions and serve as well, I think they really want us to enjoy being a bella, I myself really don't use any of my coupons before because some of their partners have like around P 2,500 minimum purchase just to avail their 10% discount. I just those who has no minimum purchase amount. Good Job BDJ!

2. I also observe that before most of their coupons are focused on fashion and beauty, but now they are more focus on beauty and wellness, healthy living. Because they have partnered with Fitness 360 and Fitness First. Yehey!

3. They use hash tag for us to share our BDJ coupon experience.

4. No more tracking number in each coupon.

5. Some of the discounts got bigger! Like the Parisian before they only offer 10% discount but now they have 20% discount with no minimum amount.

With this observation are the reason why I take the challenge to use at 50 coupons for 2 free BDJ planner 2016 because now I can easily use those coupons. And also all the discounts or the money that I will save on this challenge by the end of the year I plan to use it to my chosen charity.

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