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Saturday, December 06, 2014

My Belle De Jour Power Planner from Year 2013 to Present

I have been using BDJ Planner since 2013, I was collecting stamps from a coffee shop to get a free planner, I was a field architect from a construction company way back then so when we finished the construction and turn over the New Glorietta 1 & 2 on year 2012 one of the stalls who also open there is the National Bookstore that's the first time I saw the BDJ Power Planner and I felt loved. I immediately bought it. Yes! I'm a compulsive buyer. Haha. So I gave the free planner I got for collecting stamps from the coffee shop to my cousin.

Say Hello to BDJ Power Planner 2015!

I supposedly bought the leather one, but the National Book Store in EDSA Shangrila has ongoing renovation, so the item is a little bit dirty. At first I was so excited to unfold my new BDJ planner as soon as I bought it.  But then, I was shocked because some of the pages were missing. The August Article Section and some dates/diary entry for the first week of August were blank pages.

So I immediately send my concern thru Facebook and their website. And I'm glad that after a few minutes they already replied. They asked me to send some photos. So I take some of the photos with blank pages of my BDJ planner and also my receipt. 

Photo of my BDJ Planner with blank page and receipt

So after confirmed my issue and concern, they will send me a new copy of my BDJ planner. Yehey!

Then I replied, my contact info and address for delivery. They said that my new BDJ planner will be delivered in 3 business days. Since they confirm and email the tracking number on November 28 I was expecting the planner by the first week of December because business day does not count the weekend. But I was surprised that on Saturday, November 29 I already receive it.

The New BDJ Power Planner 2015 comes with a separate booklet for the coupons.

I was glad that they separate the coupons now and the planner is not so bulky.

"The journey in between hwat you once were and who you are becoming is where the dance of life takes place" - Barbara De Angelis

Special Pages:

2015 Goals. This is page is important so you can write your goals for 2015. Whether it is for personal growth, financial or career goals, health or relationship goal you can write it here.

Dream Board. I saw the "Secret" Movie once and one of the documentary that made an impact to be is the owner/author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul. He creates his own dream/vision board and every day he imagines all the things he put it there and the law of attraction help him to be successful. 

My Happiness List. You can write anything that you are grateful for such as your happiness mantra, favorite comfort food, movies, places to motivate you. This is one of my favorite page because I love making a list. 

2015 BDJ Checklist. It is like a year round bucket list for Bellas, it has 101 goals/task to conquer for the whole year of 2015. Although I have my own 30 before 30 bucket list and Mission 101 for 1001 days I will try to accomplish some of them.

Dance Your Way Through Life. When I saw this special page I remember the coffee commercial before "Para kanino ka bumabangon?" Finding your real meaning or purpose in life. As soon as I read the article in this page I google the "Ikigai" word. I will post my answers to the question soon.

Menstrual Tracker. A must have for me and all girls out there, although I have menstrual tracker apps on my phone I still write my PMS on my BDJ planner before.

My Health Plan. This is one of my goal this coming 2015 to be healthy and stay fit. 

Beauty Essential Checklist. This is one of my dilemma why? Because I'm just sassy, but not too kikay/girly, actually I'm one of the boys since high school so even though I am a 20 something and a professional I don't own a make up kit. I do own a powder and a lipstick, but I occasionally use it why? I do not know to put a proper make up. I'm more conscious wearing it. But maybe in this coming year 2015 I should consider enrolling on a make up class because I know that as a woman and as an architect I need to look professional while having a conversation with my client.

BDJ Box 7 Day Challenge. This page is dedicated to those who wants to review BDJ box.

Events Tracker. For the summary of events in your life. I'm planning to attend the BDJ fair next year. I'm so excited.

BDJ x CANON. This year BDJ partner with Canon and feature in this page, as for me this is useful because I practice photography for some time now. I use my CANON SX150.

Travel Must Have. It's like a PACK this list for your summer vacation, but I hope they will produce or a separate product like pack this list checklist a colorful one like this.

They include a December 2014 page for you to plan before next year.

Monthly Feature Article

Monthly Events and Daily Journal/Schedule

Gift Tracker for Christmas gift this year and next year.

Bill Tracker. This is useful for me because I had to budget my income to pay my bills (telephone, internet, mobile and other stuffs)

Cash Flow Tracker. This is like the bill tracker but more detailed.

You can buy this Belle De Jour Planner here

I'll post a separate article on their BDJ Coupon for freebies and discount.

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