Extreme Coupon: How I Plan to Maximize my Perks of a Bella Coupons

Monday, January 19, 2015

Hello Bellas! New Year's had passed already. How's the beginning of 2015? Me? It was great because I have my BDJ planner with me. Read my review here.

Since I got my BDJ planner in 2012 I tried to maximize it not only with their planner, but also with their BDJ Coupons.

But sad to say I only use 5-10 coupons every year (2012-2014) from their planner because sometimes I forgot to bring my planner with me when I go shopping.

This year they separate the planner and come up with BDJ Coupon Booklet. It comes handy.

Last weekend while I was watching TV I saw an episode the extreme couponing where they organize all the coupons and maximize it. They save a lot of money because of it.

This year one of my goal is to save money for my travel fund and insurance. Since BDJ coupon has worth P 40,000. By using this coupons while I go shopping, dining out or travelling I will save money and add it to my funds.

So I am determined to maximize it to save and also I plan to use at least 50 coupon to have 2 free planner for me and for my Mom.

So how do I organize my BDJ Coupon? Here's How:

First, I summarize all my BDJ Coupons

Then I sort it by their Categories. (Food & Drink, Beauty & Fashion, Health & Wellness, Lifestyle & Entertainment)

And finally I sort them by date, duration and expiration because I need to use at least 50 coupons by September 2015.

With this I can easily use and scan my coupons every time I go shopping, dine and travel.

So how do you plan to maximize your BDJ Coupons?

If you want to get a copy of my list.

You can download it here. How to Maximize your BDJ Coupons

Happy Couponing Bellas! Perks of A Bella.

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