My 1st BDJ Coupon: Jergens 7 Day Challenge

Friday, January 23, 2015

I was a late bloomer when it comes to taking care of my skin and I'm also lazy to follow some beauty regimen. But I promise to myself that this 2015 to try new things. So while browsing through my BDJ coupons I saw the Jergens 7 Day Challenge, at first I was hesitant to give it a try because I am not fond of using skin moisturizers. 

So last week, while I check my current weight in Mercury Drug I also bought a 100 ml Jergens Ultra Healing Extra Dry Skin Moisturizer with Vitamin 3. I take a photo of my legs and arms with scratches. Then I religiously apply my Jergens Moisturizers for 7 days.

As an architect who work on a construction environment my skin gets dry plus the weather here in the Philippines adds to my super dry skin I didn't expect that for only 7 days of using Jergens moisturizer  it really heals my dry skin. Even my office mates notice the difference on my skin. I'm really satisfied with the results. 

If your a BDJ Planner Holder take the 7 Day Challenge! Share your #JergensSkinStoryxBDJ with them, take a photo of your coupon and get a Free Jergens gift pack.

Don't forget to use hashtag of #PerksofaBella and brand hashtag #JergensSkinStoryxBDJ

UPDATE: February 4, 2015 

Finally I received my Jergens freebies, they delivered it last Monday. I think each bottle cost P 79.00 so I just save P 158.00 I will have a smooth and health skin without spending money.

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