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Sunday, March 08, 2015

26th St. Bistro by The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

Yesterday, since I don't have work on Saturdays I start my day by taking a walk around BGC. Taking some mediocre photos, then I felt hungry good thing I brought my Perks of a Bella Coupons with me.

So I decided to take my brunch at the 26th St. Bistro by The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.

It is my first time to eat there or in any The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf so I don't know what to expect when I came there.

The staff greeted me and assist me where I wanted to dine.

I told them I'll use my BDJ coupon, buy any entree or  Filipino breakfast and get a free cheesecake.

So I choose the Filipino breakfast US Angus Tapa with sunny side up egg which cost P 395.00. See the picture above. It's like a tapsilog with a modern twist. It also comes with coffee or tea I choose the coffee.

The staff especially Ms. CJ the one who is in charge on the cashier was really accommodating, I remember she asked if I have company but I said I was alone because most of my friends have work during Saturdays she said "Masarap kumain ng may kasama Ma'am" I just smile to her so I plan to take my friends with me the next I visit the place. She also asked me what flavor of the free cheesecake I want to choose but I don't have any idea so she offer me her favorite cheesecake the Toblerone cheesecake.

And whenever I visit a restaurant as an architect I observe the interior design, just like any other coffee shop 26th St. Bistro's interior design used Earth toned colors to feel you comfortable and homey.

I enjoy the US Angus Tapa and I felt full already. I also love their coffee and the free Toblerone cheesecake.

What add my stay there is their music choice, they played The Beatles songs Strawberry Field Forever and Black Bird.

My meal cost is P 395.00, I save P 135.00 because of the free cheesecake.

P.S. I also bought their lifetime card.

SERENITEA at Greenfield District

It is also my first time to visit Serenitea. I told the cashier that I'll use my BDJ coupons 5% off in any drink and 5% off in any snack.

I choose the large fruitea mango flavor with green tea and crystals. Also with 50% sugar.

Current menu

I also ordered pepper tofu. So I save around P 10.00.

Dinner - The Greenfield District Night Market

As for my dinner I ordered T - bone steak with vegetables sidings. Every weekend food stalls catering different cuisine offer their products here at the Greenfield District and because its just 3 kilometers away from where I live.

How about you? I plan to take a food trip again maybe in Binondo Manila soon.

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