Go Further with BDJ Passion Series: My Fitness First Experience

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Are you ready to show off your body this summer? I was one of the lucky bellas who got an invite from BDJ for their #GoFurther Passion Series held in Fitness First Platinum Trinoma yesterday. I just choose the option 2 and 3 and got my invite last week and printed out.

I arrived at the venue 1 hour earlier because I was excited and I wanted to score the free loot bag. Only 30 bellas will be given a loot bag and be qualified to join the raffle. And because I arrived early I met some new found friends who also waiting for the BDJ staff for the registration. They ran out of key cards so the Fitness First receptionist asked me if I could just share my belongings with other bellas locker and it's fine with me.

Bellas getting know each other and making friends

So around 2:30 PM BDJ staff already called us to form a line to start the registration. I immediately brought out my printed invites and my BDJ Lifestyle Card.

BDJ staff divide us into two groups, I wore the yellow ribbon while the other bellas wore the pink ribbons. 

Photos from BDJ. Me, wearing a pink John Lennon shirt. I forgot to bring my camera with me.

Before we start getting fit, BDJ welcome us and have some introduction about the program. Then the yellow team will take first the Core Flow Yoga and the pink team will start their FGT. 

Photo from BDJ Close your eyes and feel your breathing while listening to the music.

Our instructor from Fitness First asked us to get our yoga mat. I really wanted to learn yoga because I wanted to improve my flexibility and strength, but I am newbie and I don't know if I can do all the pose good thing they told us that they personalized the lesson for us because most of us were beginners.

Photo from BDJ

They see to it that we do the pose in the right way and they always check our postures.

Photo from BDJ. For me this pose is really tough, I find difficult to keep my balance. Haha.

After 30 minutes of Core Flow Yoga, I was sweating but I'm glad that I achieved some of the difficult pose. After the session, BDJ told us we can rest for a while and get our free bottled water at the registration area.

Photos from BDJ Bellas while lifting 2.5 kg steel plate.

Then, Coach Rashid greet us and teach us first some of the pose that we will do for every 40 seconds. We group into 4 because there were 3 stations and every 40 seconds we will change our positions. At first I find it easy to lift the 2.5 kg of steel plate for 40 seconds because it's not to heavy.

Photo from BDJ Suspension Training with the Bellas

After the steel plate lifting our next stop is the suspension training, were you pull yourself up and bring your force to your feet. 

Photo from BDJ

The last station of the three was really tough that was longest 40 seconds I've encountered.  We do the 3 pit stops for 3 rounds every round became more and more difficult and when its time for us to do the stretching and jumping jacks. I'm having a hard time breathing while doing it so I didn't push myself hard. I was too exhausted and sweating, I felt dehydrated. Maybe FGT is not really for me, unlike the yoga.

After the two session, we gathered ourselves again to the studio for the raffle and photo session.

Photos from BDJ. Too exhausted but we still be able to smile. Thanks BDJ!

Photo from BDJ. Meghan Parungao, one of my new found friends luckily won the raffle. Three Month Membership at any Fitness First Branch.

 After the raffle, BDJ asked us again to form a line to receive our freebies, Salvatos slippers. This is my first time to have a Salvatos slippers, I don't need to buy a slippers for our Quezon Beach Bumping with my friends. Then we headed to the locker room for shower and changing our wet clothes.

My Salvatos Flip flops, thanks BDJ.

While waiting outside the locker room, I take a quick review for Fitness First Platinum in Trinoma.

I find it spacious, you will be able to use all the facilities without keeping you waiting for your turn. Maybe because its Platinum and more expensive membership fee than their Premium branches like in SM Megamall.

More vacant threadmills at Fitness First Platinum in Trinoma.

Inside the Fitness First Platinum Trinoma. You can asked for towel, free coffee and bananas and they will give you your keycard for your lockers.

To sum it up, I really enjoy this BDJ GoFurther Passion Series. I really challenge myself to push my 100% especially in FGT session. One of my 30 before 30 goals is to achieve my weight goal so with this event I learn a lot and got interest by pursuing more yoga lesson with Fitness First. I met new found friends (still waiting for them to upload our pictures). And I got new flip flops for this summer. Thanks BDJ! 

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