Boracay Island: Spending my weekend in this paradise for free!

Monday, May 25, 2015

Yes, it's true. I spend my weekend in this beautiful paradise called Boracay Island for free.

How did I do it? Well let me share you my stories behind it. And also what made it special is that it is my first time to visit here.

As we all know, Boracay Island is one of the tourist destinations here in the Philippines probably one of the places on your travel bucket list. But when we heard the about Boracay we also think about the budget and how much we need to save just to enjoy this paradise.

There are a lot of travel blogs who offers their experience the cheapest way possible in this island, but as for me as I said I spend my weekend here for free.

I know most of you turned their eyebrows and want to know how I score to be here for free.

Did I win in a contest? Do I live here? Or do I have relatives living here?

The answer is no.

Oh, you probably thought I just wandering around the internet, just surfing and Google and type the word Boracay Island so I can see what this island has to offer.

Just to give you the benefit of the doubt, here's the proof of my tickets. Both via Ferry Boat 2GO Travel and via plane thru Cebu Pacific.

Well I didn't pay for my tickets, this is also for free.

So how did I score to go there for free? The answer is DMCI Homes. Yes, earlier this year I become part of their company. And because this year, DMCI Homes one of the well known developer here in the Philippines is celebrating their 15 years anniversary, our company will be having company outing and team building to the next level. 

Yes, our company is so generous, that they able to send I think around 500 employees divided into 3 batches to Boracay Island.

I'm part of Quality Management Department. I'm the one who wears eye glasses third row on the left sude.
Our department belong to the first batch of employees. We travel to Boracay via 2GO Travel from March 12-15,2015.

Our pictures while heading to Batangas Port.

My blurred photo from Batangas Port.

It was my first time to take a ferry boat with 9 hours travel to Caticlan Jetty Port. I knew what it feels like to ride in a small banca when we travel to Talisayin and Magalawa Island in Zambales but it only take 5 minutes and the longest is about an hour, but riding in this ferry boat for 9 hours gives me anxiety attack. I don't know how to swim and I'm afraid that the ferry boat might sink in the middle of the sea.

But as soon as the ferry boat and stars to sail, I felt relieve because it was not scary after all. We had a smooth sailing while we leaving to Batangas Port.

It's good to know that 2Go Travel have this bar area to entertain their passenger while we are sailing in the middle of the sea. While we were sailing, there were 2 host at the same time singers who dance and sing songs. They also invite passengers to sing in front of the stage. 

At first I have no plan to sleep and just wait for 9 hours until we reach and dock to Caticlan Jetty Port but around 1 in the morning, I felt sleepy. So I just rested in my assigned bed and pray to have a safe travel.

The best sunrise I have ever seen, because first I know I survive the 9 hours travelling via ferry boat and 2nd I'm in the middle of the sea.

We take the photo while we were waiting until we reach the Caticlan Jetty Port.

This was the roro 2Go Travel we have took for 9 hours.

I took a photo of my feet as I step into Caticlan Jetty Port. My day 1 starts here too.

Day 1

Big bancas going to Cagban Port/Boracay Island

After we step our foot on Caticlan Jetty Port, (DMCI Homes coordinator already fixed and paid our environmental fee, terminal fee and ticket for the ferry boat to transfer us to Boracay Island and check our baggage) we ride on this small ferry so we could transfer to Boracay Island.

Then after a few minutes, finally I step my foot to Boracay Island. Vans and multicab waiting for us to transfer to our hotel. 

Yes, our 3 days and 2 night stay will be here on Alta Vista De Boracay. DMCI Homes owned this hotel residential establishment.

This is where will be staying at Illiniza Building.

Alta Vista de Boracay

After we took our lunch we just rest in our room. Our team building will start around 3 pm that day.

DMCI Team Building

We ride again in a multicab for our transfer to Puka Beach where the DMCI team building will be held.

Tug of war Blue Team vs Green Team

I don't know what is this game called but they use their T shirt, run fast to the beach then squeeze the T shirt on the pail.

I don't know also the name of this game but the one person is blind folded then the other give the direction.

We were having fun after the team building.

I took again a photo of my foot here in Puka Beach.

After the team building we were too exhausted so we came back to the hotel immediately, take a bath and get ready to have our dinner on the white beach. The good thing about Alta Vista de Boracay they offer free transfer service on both Puka Beach and white beach in Boracay Island.

Our group choose to ate in a buffet restaurant, they cater seafood. I ate crab and even oyster. We also drink beers. And enjoy the whole evening with laughter.

Day 2

Having our breakfast at Alta Vista de Boracay clubhouse

My breakfast, mixed vegetables and roasted chicken
Early in the morning we already headed to Alta Vista de Boracay clubhouse for our buffet breakfast. The day 2 of our company outing is free day for us. So we plan to wander around Station 1 to Station 3 white beach and try their water sports activities.

We try the Banana Boat
At first I was afraid when we tried the banana boat, even if we wore life vest I'm still scared that I might fell
into the water and get drowned. I hold on tight but really enjoy but I also enjoy it, it was not scary after all.
But still, I'm not really into water sports. I must learn how to swim and conquer my fear.

After the Banana Boat

After we had fun riding on a banana boat, we got hungry so we ate at D Talipapa. Then just enjoy the whole day wandering around Station 1 to 3 of Boracay Island.

Enjoying the beautiful sunset.

Having fun for a jump shot to this white sand beach.

I finally experience to step foot in the white sand beach of Boracay Island. Its very fine and powdery white sand.

We take a group picture.

Boracay Island is beautiful but there's a lot of these green algae/moss.

People's wandering at the white sand beach.

 After are picture taking, we ate again at D' Talipapa then go back to the hotel and enjoy the rest of the evening at Alta Vista de Boracay infinity pool.

Day 3

Because it was Sunday and our last day here in Boracay, I slept early last evening. I will leave earlier than my our coworkers because my flight is around 10 in the morning.

I came to Kalibo International Airport around 8 in the morning.

The view from my window saying goodbye to Boracay Island.

This is my first time to take a flight alone, the first time I have experience it I'm with my family having a vacation to Dakak Island.

What I've learned from this journey:

  1. Travelling via Roro Ferry Boat for 9 hours is not scary as I thought.
  2. And riding on a banana boat is not scary too.
  3. Boracay Island has a fine and white sand unlike the beaches I've been to.
  4. There are a lot of water sports activities offers here, so if your into it save some money for it.
  5. There also a lot of green algae/moss on the white sand so better swim further to avoid it.
  6. A lot of bars and party people wanders at night.
  7. You can look for cheap restaurant but offer good and delicious food at D' Talipapa.
  8. It is one the best place to unwind or celebrate great occasion.
  9. What happens in Boracay doesn't stays in Boracay, because the memories stays in my heart.
  10. Boracay Island is hype destination, not really for me in my opinion because I'm not into water sports activities and party or bar goer but I do love just wandering around. And I also plan to bring my family and friends there to see the place.

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