BDJ Rendezvous: Are you made to fly!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

BDJ Rendezvous Made To Fly held at Eastwood City New Atrium

As soon as BDJ announced that they will be having their 2nd rendezvous event, I got excited and keep myself updated for the details because this event are for the bellas who loves to travel. When they posted the details I’ve done all the 3 options just to get a sure invite. Ha-ha. I got mine last April 7.

On the day of the said event, I arrive 30 minutes earlier, yeah to score the loot bag and a raffle entry of course. And I know going to Eastwood means traffic. I saw my two new found friends whom I met last #GOFurther BDJ event held on Fitness First Trinoma I sat beside them.

Contest sponsored by STRIP

The event starts with Ms. Janeena Chan, she was gorgeous wearing her blue beach hat. Before the discussion starts, they have first BDJ contest sponsored by The Strip Ministry of Waxing. They asked bellas to form a 2 group who will show a picture and a flag and bellas will guess what, where or which country or city is in the picture. It was really fun.

Ms. Cara Del Rosario-Dizon owner of Subic Grand Seas Resort

The first talk is from Cara Del Rosario-Dizon, the owner of the Subic Grand Seas Resort. Take a break and make time to travel. She discussed how she managed her career, work and personal life.
  • Use your Belle De Jour Planner
  • Prioritize write only Top 6 things to do for the day.
  • Make a little time every day to refresh.
  • Move that booty.
  • Pray.
  • Spend time with your loved ones.
  • Travel – but why and how?

Importance of Traveling

She share to us that even if she have a full time work, travelling is important to her. Through her travelling her able to meet new people, experience to visit an organic farm, she learns and try new things, try new food and meet new creature. While she was travelling to different places and gets new ideas that she wants to incorporate with her business or new business venture. She also add that she travel to have some “me-time”, unwind, relax and reflect.

But she also emphasize travelling doesn’t have to be expensive. She gives us tips on how to travel the bella way by using our BDJ coupon and BDJ lifestyle card.

I plan to travel to Subic Grand Seas Resort together with my parents as wedding anniversary gift.

Another raffle winners

Contest sponsored by PET Express

After the talk, another contest announced. Show the cutest photo of your pet and win pet express package. Then, another contest sponsored by Jergen. Tell how many number of Jergen products they saw on the photo.

Ms. Tricia Gosiengtian for POND'S Beauty

The second talk is from Tricia Gosiengtian together with PONDS beauty expert Amanda, to discussed how to stay beautiful while travelling. 

I’ve known Tricia way back 2010 from because she’s a friend of the famous cosplayer here in the Philippines Ms. Alodia Gosiengfiao and I admire her photography skills.
Anyway, Ms. Amanda explain different PONDS product while she’s applying the product to Ms. Tricia’s face. She also shows us how to do the “no make-up look” using PONDS.

Ms. Amanda trying to put POND'S product to Ms. Tricia

Honestly, I’m not used to put make-up and definitely not a user of any beauty products except my St. Ives facial wash. But after the talk I plan to buy and try PONDS product to take care of my skin and start a beauty routine.

Ms. Nina Fuentes from

The third talk is the one I’ve been waiting for, Ms. Nina Fuentes. I’m a follower of her blog since 2011. I’m a fan of DIY Travel and her itinerary and tips help me to organize my own DIY travel with my friends. Anyway she discussed with us about wandering on a budget. But first, she introduces herself. She starts travelling on 2005. She tells her stories how she travels on Greece, Morocco and other Asian countries like Japan and Thailand. She gave us pointers how to fund our wanderlust. 
She gave us advice to how to save our travel fund by cutting our daily expenses. If you are a coffee lover, spending P 100 buying a coffee a day or 4 times a week do the math means you spend around P 1600 for a month. She also told us the 52 week challenge. If you save P 50 a week and double it on the other week and so on, you can save around P 70,000 a year. 

How to fund your wanderlust

She’s been to Greece and Morocco, but how she funds her travel? She gave us tips.
 She share to us that she funds her travel by working and earning money doing online jobs. Be alert on seat sales by subscribing to different airline, skyscanner and airbnb. Travel with group to cut down expenses.

After the discussion, she got a lot of questions from the bellas. How to get visa in Japan, Couch surfing, who took a photo of her during her travel, how she manage to travel solo, travelling light and language barrier.

Buffet for our merienda

We took a break after the talk. BDJ prepared an afternoon snacks.

Mr. Eman De Leon shows us how to do a simple make up

Then after we finished eating Janeena introduced the fourth speaker, Eman De Leon make-up artist from Revlon Philippines. They asked for a volunteer to do the demo. Eman show us how to do the day and night make-up using Revlon products. I was attentive because I really want to know how to put a proper make-up and I really learned a lot.

Ms. Donna Luna-Pita from Cosmopolitan PH

Last but not the list is Donna Luna-Pita from Cosmopolitan PH. She discussed how to travel light.
  • Have a color scheme for you travel wardrobe, have at least two tone/color to mix and match clothes easily.
  • Bring items that are travel friendly like wrinkles resistant clothes.
  • Bring comfortable footwear and not too many shoes. 
  • Depending on the climate and your itinerary, bring appropriate make-up.
  • Have at least two shades of lipsticks.
  • Stick to make-up items. 

Freebies from my lootbag.

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