Date a Girl who loves The Eraserheads

Monday, June 01, 2015

Date a girl who loves The Eraserheads. Date a girl who spends her money on buying Eheads T shirt and memorabilias instead of Gucci Bag or Starbucks coffee. 

Date a girl who listen and fell in love with Eraserheads band since she was 8. She prefer to receives a cassette tape album of the band for her birthday instead of Barbie Dolls.

Find a girl who loves The Eraserheads. She isn't hard to find. You can easily recognize her. She usually wores a band tshirt, faded jeans and a chuck taylor shoes.

You will see a weird chic swaying her head while lip singing "Alapaap", she doesn't care of her surroundings. This is her way of escaping her problem and listening to Eheads song is her solution to find relief and freedom.

Date a girl who loves The Eraserheads. No, she isn't hard to please. 

If you're a torpe, no need to worry it's easy to date a girl who loves Eheads. Ask her a dinner date, and if you have no budget for a romantic and candlelight dinner she is game to eat isaw, skyflakes and drink coke 500.

She will listen to every word that you say. Make her laugh and you stole her heart.

A girl who loves Eheads appreciate simple things and effort of a guy who wants to be a part of her life.

It's easy to make her happy, give her a CD playlist of her all time favorite songs of Eheads for her birthday is more than enough. Ask her to watch concert and gigs.

A girl who loves Eheads can make your life wonderful. She can see your soul and lift your spirit. She sings you "With a Smile" everytime you are down and she can make you calm. She can ease away your dissappointments and frustration.

A girl who loves Eheads can get weird sometimes. She do silly things, join her and gets weird together. She loves dancing in the rain with you while everybody's watching.

Ask her to dance boogie, chacha and el bimbo. Hold her hand and hug her tight. Never let her go.

No, you don't have to do her thesis. She wants to do it in her own way. Respect her independence, but stay with her. She want you to be with her through ups and downs.

But even though you think she is strong enough. She can get frustrated too when things go wrong. Whether she nags you, get jealous or fight with each other, just stay calm. Stay with her because she will never let her day without kissing and hugging you tight and ask for forgiveness.

A girl who loves Eheads loves an adventure too. So when the sembreak starts, don't stay at home and spend your vacation alone because you will definitely miss her. 

So ask her for a road trip. Even if you don't own a car or don't know how to drive just wait for a bus. She loves adventure, doesn't matter if she travels via public transportation as long as she is with you. Take her anywhere. Go to Baguio, Bicol and Batangas. Camp with her, go stargazing or chase the moon.

If you find a girl who loves Eheads, keep her close.

She will be a good wife and a good mother to your kids. She will clean the house and cook food.

And even though its hard for to make a living and pays the bill it really doesn't matter. She don't want material things she wants simple things and simple life with you.

A girl who loves Eraserheads since she was 8.

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