My First BDJ Beauty Boot Camp Experience!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

It's my first time to attend any kikay stuff bazaar and when I learned that BDJ will be having their beauty boot camp I signed up immediately. If you're following my blog for quite some time now you probably knew that I am not into makeup really. I'm working in the construction industry before, so I'm not required to put anything on my face as long as I look presentable. But now that I'm not getting any younger and I want to look professional so I also avail their workshop package.

BDJ Beauty Boot Camp was held last Sunday, June 7 ,2015 at Blue Leaf Filipinas. Well, I know the place because I worked on the City of Dreams before when it was still ongoing construction. We are the interior fit out contractor there for Nobu Hotel. Anyway, I came around 9:30 in the morning and there are a lot of bellas already on the line.

The Blue Leaf Filipinas where the BDJ Beauty Boot Camp was held.

Beauty Work Shops


My first beauty workshop is Polishing MakeUp Basic from REVLON. Because I don't own any makeup honestly and since I plan to buy and start my makeup kit I choose this workshop so I will learn some basic makeup.

Bellas waiting for the workshop to start.

Mr. Eman De Leon will be the speaker. I'm familiar with him because he also one of the speakers from BDJ Made To Fly event. The workshop starts exactly 10 in the morning. They asked for one volunteer for the workshop and I also learned that they let us try their products while he will teach us how to do the basic makeup.

Sir Eman De Leon introduces himself

First, he discussed how to find the perfect foundation shade and formula. I don't know if I'm acidic or not, but I read some article that it is one of the things you need to know before you find your perfect shade.

He said that to know your perfect shade you have to put a small amount of foundation not in your hands or face but in your chin or jaw line. Why? Because the color of your face, neck and arms comes with different color skin. If you try it on your jaw line it is in between your face and neck so that you will not look "espasol". Second, if you apply it in your jaw line make sure that when you blend it in your face, it will look like it disappears on your face. If not it is not your foundation shades. 

Sir Eman starts to apply blush to the model.

Don't apply makeup blush too much. He said the technique when applying the makeup blush is to try smiling in the mirror, then you only apply the blush on your cheeks not on the whole face. Mukha kang sinampal, if you put a lot of blush on your whole face.

Sir Eman teach us how to style our brows

On the photo above, Sir Eman teach us how to style our brows and technique. He said that first you have to know the right brow measurements. By using your brush, stick the tip of the brush on your nose then try to move the other tip on your eyes. So it would look like imaginary triangle. After you learn the right measurement or the length for your brows, brush your brows, then starts to apply the brow pencil and draw a hair strands in it or follow the stroke of the hair strand on your brows.

Sir Eman starts applying the concealer on the model.

He also teaches us how to cover some pores and dark spots using concealer. Choose at least 2 lighter shade from your normal shade or perfect shade. He also add how to put lipstick and make it last longer.

During the workshop, they let us try the REVLON Producst while listening to Sir Eman.

After the talk, I answer the survey form and they also give us sample products from REVLON. It is my first time to put makeup and try REVLON Products and I am starting to love it because it is not heavy on my face plus it also controls oily face. 

REVLON Nearly Naked got it for free!


Miselle Bergonia introducing herself.

After my first workshop I take my lunch first, then proceed to my scheduled second workshop. Confidence is the new sexy.

So Ms. Miselle Bergonia a certified image consultant will be the sepaker for the second workshop.
First she discussed her work as an image consultant and tells us the company she worked for.

Some company she had worked for.

She asked us how do we define the word sexy? When we heard about the word sexy, we think about the shape of the body, the curves or the vital statistics, but I was surprised when she said that based on the survey about how men define the word sexy. None of the list is about the curves and the body of women. And the confidence is now the new sexy. But how to boost our self confidence is definitely how we handle the situation and market our self to other people. Yes, we marketing, establishing our own image.

Different facial shapes

To market our self, we need to know what are the features of your face and body and knows our self better. She also discussed the different facial shapes. I think I have a round facial shape. After you know your facial shape you will  knew what are the hairstyle, eyebrows and makeup that will compliment your face. She also adds to know your body shape so that you will wear clothes that also complements it. I forgot the exact word, but she added something like walk like there are two people watching you behind. Or you're having a fashion show. Walk with confidence.

She discussed also the shape of your brows should based on your facial shape

And since our face is the first thing that will make an impression we have to know our features and knows what are the ways to compliment it. So they discussed the product and services of Browhaus and Strip Ministry of Waxing.

Honestly, my brows are still virgin and also I never tried the Brazilian wax, but I'll give it a try next time. I was interested to try to style my brows at Browhaus I heard positive reviews about their services. I also got intrigue about the Brazilian wax of Strip Ministry of Waxing and they said they are really strict when it comes to hygiene and cleanliness plus the speaker said that even if you're still a virgin in waxing Strips make sure that they will take care of you.

Browhaus representative shows us how to style the brows based on the facial shape

To boost your self confidence we need to change are lifestyle.

Before the talk ends, Ms. Misselle reminds us with these inspirational messages. "Beauty is being the best possible version of yourself on the inside and out".


Ms. Gex Garcia the Senior MakeUp Artist of L'Oreal Paris is the speaker for the workshop

For my last workshop, the speaker is from L'Oreal Paris Ms. Gex Garcia. Just like from my first workshop this is about applying makeup properly.

But to have a flawless face, our skin should be healthy or looks healthy so the daily routine should follow and observed. 

It is important to prepare our skin before we put our makeup Ms. Gex said. Cleansing your face with a proper facial wash, then toner and apply the moisturizer before we put the primer. She also emphasizes that we lived in a tropical country so we should properly  hydrate our skin and choose a product with SPF for sun screen protection. And also it is also important to know the type of your skin combination, oily or dry. 

She also adds that putting makeup doesn't mean you're not beautiful enough, but it rather enhances your natural feature. 

"The best thing is to look natural, but it takes makeup to look natural" -  Calvin Klein

The speaker said that the trend now is the no makeup look, but it doesn't mean they don't wear any makeup at all. You just pick the right makeup for you.

Ms. Gex showed us pictures from before and after photos wearing just a minimal makeup to hide blemishes and enhance their natural look.

Then she discussed the product of L'Oreal Paris and the good thing about their products is that they formulated it for Asian skin. Yay! They have 15 shades to choose from.

Primers of L'Oreal Paris

Perfecting the Base using L'Oreal Paris Product from foundation, concealers to powder. 

Same as the my first workshop they also teach us how to choose the right shades for our skin.

She also do a demo for a natural mak up or no makeup look using L'Oreal Paris products to the model.

I realized I have no beauty routine so my skin looks dull because as the speaker said you need to have a healthy skin so your skin won't breakout when we apply makeup.

Things I learned from the 3 workshop:
  • Having a beauty routine or beauty regimen is important to achieve healthy skin.
  • How to choose your perfect shades for foundation.
  • How to style your brows and right measurement or length for your brows.
  • Styling your brows depends on your facial shape.
  • Shading your eye for makeup depends if your chinita or not.
  • Makeup enhance your natural beauty.
  • How to apply concealer and choose the right shade of it.
  • Men don't define sexy as curves and body figures.
  • How to boost your self esteem and confidence
After the workshop, I headed to the BDJ Beauty Boot Camp Fair.

Red Mango, ETC & And Avenue, GSK Booth

Cure & K- Palette, Celetque, FS Cosmetics & Benefit Cosmetic Booth

Too Cool for School, Ponds, Wacoal, Max Factor & Ellana Booth

Globe Telecom, Cam Make Tokyo, Flawless and registration/announcement area

Products from Wacoal, Can Make Tokyo, Max Factor and Cupcakes by Sonja

Skin Analysis from POND'S, Products from FS Cosmetics, Aloe Derma and Celeteque

Products from FS Cosmetics & REVLON. L'Oreal Paris Booth and Skin Analysis from Clean & Clear

ZAP/Get Polished & GSK Booth

Too bad I forgot to bring my wallet with me, but I bought a body butter at Get Polished. I am also try the POND'S skin analysis and told me that my skin age is 30. Ha-ha. So the Ponds girl recommends me to wear sun screen protection. Well, maybe because I worked on the construction industry before. I am also able to get my nail polished for the first time.

After that I went home already when I got a text from BDJ that I won a 1000 worth of shopping certificate. 

But still I'm so happy that I attended the workshop and BDJ Beauty Booth Camp because I got a lot of freebies.

A free photo from CANON and my 3 certificates.

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