BDJ Fun In The Sun: Barkada Package at Subic Grand Seas Resort

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Remember how I was so determined to win last summer and exert my effort to do all the 20 Summer Photo Challenge. Last June they announce the winner and I won. I was really happy, I immediately told my parents about it. And they were also excited to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary in Subic. Yes, although they said it's for barkada package I asked Ms. Cara Francesca del Rosario-Dizon the owner of Subic Grand Seas Resort instead of bringing my barkada with me I asked her if I will bring my parents and family to celebrate the wedding anniversary of my parents and she agreed and happy to be part my parents celebration.

So I finalized all the details, I reserve the August 30-31, 2015. My brother fly from Singapore just to celebrate our parents anniversary. Aside from the prize I won we also added Subic Zafari and Ocean Adventure with hotel transfer to maximize our vacation anyway my brother will pay for it. Ha-ha.

How to get to Subic Grand Seas Resort via commute:

1. Take Victory Liner with Olongapo signboard. We choose the Cubao Terminal because it is more convenient to us. Travel time 2-3 hours.
2. You can take the blue jeepney but we choose to hire tricycle instead. If opt to take a jeepney, the landmark is Immaculate Conception Church and Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital.

My parents taking selfies. After 30 years they are still in love.


Subic Grand Seas Resort Entrance
As soon as we arrived I introduced myself to the receptionist and they greeted us a warm welcome. But since we were too early because part of our itinerary for Day 1 is to travel to Subic Safari and Ocean Adventure. So we just left our bags an they told us they will transfer our bags to our designated room.

Subic Grand Seas Resort entrance
Reception Area
Reception Area
The good thing about adding our tour package with Subic Grand Seas Resort, we got 10% discount to  Subic Safari & Ocean Adventure entrance plus they also contact a private car for hotel transfer to get there.

Bali Inspired Architecture.
They give us 2 double deluxe room. And since were 5, 4 adult and 1 kid we pay additional for one mattress. My brother and I with my younger brother is in one room while my parents is in the other room. I immediately check the toilet and the air conditioning. I have no complain about it because the toilet is clean with complete toiletries like towel, toothbrush, shampoo, soap, shower cap and tissue. The air conditioning is also good and no irritating sounds.

Our room for 2D/1N Double Deluxe
My older and younger brother share in bed while I was the one who use the additional mattress. We have flat screen cable TV also. And we have free WiFi.

Our toilet, please excuse the violet pouch I always bring my own toiletries.
After our tour from Subic Safari and Ocean Adventure we were too exhausted when we go back to the hotel. We just sleet for a while then we headed to Sam's Pizza & Salad. We have the same car and driver for the tour. Super friendly and accommodating.

I forgot the name of the band but we really enjoy all the song they sing.
Upon arriving at Sam's Pizza and Salad there were too many people I thought we will have to wait before we can seat because there is also a long line waiting. That means this restaurant is really famous and I heard a lot of positive review. I approach one of the staff about BDJ and Subic Grand Seas Resort package and to my surprise they really allotted one table for reservation just for us. Ha-ha. No more long lines and waiting.

Mango Juice, Sam's Taco and the Chicken n wicket

I forgot the name of the other pizza but the other one is the famous Sam's Special
All the foods were so delicious now that I had the first hand experience of the restaurant now I know why there's a lot of diners who patronize this restaurant. Aside from free dinner my brother pay for additional order of onion rings. And because we also love the retro feeling given by the live band my father wrote his song request and gave it to the band. Non other than Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton.

After dinner we go back to our hotel and go to sleep.

Subic Bay in the morning
So after we woke in the morning for Day 2, we tour the resort. We swim first before we take our breakfast.

Younger brother and I enjoying the swimming pool

View Deck

Mini Bar

Crab Loco view from the Mini Bar

Family Picture

Complimentary Breakfast, coffee, egg and tocino with rice
 We were supposed to have our brunch at Crab Loco but my older brother wants to leave early to avoid traffic so I asked the receptionist if we could just take out the food she immediately agree and prepare our food before we leave.

Seafood in a bucket, the only photo I had from our brunch
We arrange our hotel transfer to Victory Liner with the same driver he was really nice. By 9 am our brunch were prepared. The staff say sorry because they really don't have take out service but exerted their effort they let us brought the basket/bucket for the seafood in a bucket. Ha-ha. They also prepared butter shrimp. Seafood overload. Putok batok Ha-ha. Plus the beef and veggies. We ate them when got back to our house.

All in all we really enjoy our stay at Subic Grand Seas Hotel. The accommodation, the amenities, the discount they gave us, hotel transfer, the food were superb. Plus the fact that the staff were really nice, they keep smiling and greet us from the receptionist, room boy and even the guards.

I'm happy that Subic Grand Seas Resort become a part of my parent celebrate for their 30th wedding anniversary and I also really want to thank BDJ.

Additional: Subic Safari & Ocean Adventure

Our friendly driver with my older brother
Our driver got Toyota Innova, he gave us some historical background upon entering Subic Free Port Zone. Before we headed to our first destination, Subic Safari we take a photo with I think a US Navy ship.

It is my first time to see a US Navy Ship and it's really big. Ha-ha.
Taken at Subic Safari. Family picture with the tiger
This is our first time to have a life and death situation, just kidding it is our first time to get in a cage with this friendly tiger ha-ha.

Camels at Subic Safari
While we were waiting for the animal show we tour the Subic Safari zoo and saw these camels. I was like ang lalaki pala ng mga camels. Ba't pala may camel dito diba dapat nasa desert sila. Ha-ha. Surreal feeling you get seeing a camel alive and not in the movie or TV.

Albino snake part of the animal show
Although I really enjoy the animal show and I hate snakes or any reptile except turtles. I was sad because I feel that those animal were supposed to be in the wild. But then again kids were having fun with the first hand experience and seeing those animal in real life.

My parents feeding the love birds
I told my parents to feed the love birds and my brother take a photo. Nag joke ako ang redundant ng words lovers feeding the love birds. Ha-ha. Para silang bata. 

Encounter with the tiger
The tiger looks exhausted and not properly taking care of. Ang payat nya kasi. I always watch NatGeo wild and the tigers in the wild, hindi sila payatot. Ha-ha. And I think he was thirsty too. Nakakatuwa lang yun makita mo silang buhay. Ha-ha.

After we finished our tour we headed to Ocean Adventure.

Ocean Adventure

Dolphin Show

Sea Lion Show
Velasco Brother Show

First time to see a real dolphin and a sea lion. They were amazing and kids enjoy watching them do some tricks. Trainers also asked for audience participation. But the fact that both dolphins and the sea lion at Ocean Adventure do two show in a day I think I feel sorry for them because they might be too tired and exhausted an not living in their natural habitat. 

We also enjoy the Velasco Brothers, which we all know join in Pilipinas Got Talent contest. They really have master the art of balancing.

After our Ocean Adventure tour we also took our lunch there will waiting for our driver.

Our lunch at Ocean Adventure

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