Where Do Broken Hearts Go? Manaoag + Baguio

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Where do broken hearts go nga ba?

My friends and I had a chance to explore Manaoag Church and Baguio last All Saints Day 2013. Funny right? Araw ng Patay and obviously patay din ang mga puso namin. Ha-ha. We even kid ourselves that sila nalang dumalaw sa atin. Ha-ha.

Anyway because All Saints Day is regular holiday here in the Philippines and it falls on friday it is our chance to have a long weekend so we decided to go there. We have two purpose, first to go to Manaoag Church to pray and my friends and I haven't been to Baguio before. This is a DIY travel we just search all the mode of transportation and list all the places we wanted to explore in Baguio. We have no reservation in any hotels to stay we planned to stay in transient house because we were 5 on a group so we it will be cheaper for us to have a place to stay and at the same time we can cooked our food as well.

Day 1 - Manila - Manaoag - Baguio

Around 12:30 am my friends and I met at the Dagupan Bus because it has the direct trips to Manaoag Church. Bus fare is P 315.00. Travel time is about 4-5 hours just in time for the first mass which starts at 5:00 am. The bus will drop you off at the back of the church. We arrive 30 minutes before the mass starts so we bought candles and memorabilia like rosary and small wooden statue of Our Lady of Manaoag.

Our Lady of Manaoag Church
Our Lady of Manaoag is known as patron of sick, helpless and needy. I don't what my friends prayed about but I prayed to have my family be safe and healthy always. I also pray to guide me about my career and work, plus I pray to heal me and give me courage to love again.

Candles lighted together with your prayers
After the mass and our memorabilia got blessed by the priest we headed to the van terminal going to Baguio via Kennon Road. You can easily see the terminal it is near the food stall and not too big. Van fare is P 90.00 they will give you insurance stub. We kid about it "delikado yata ha-ha may insurance na binigay". Anyway by 7 am we are headed to Baguio. Since most of the passenger were also travelers we requested the driver if we could stay for a while and have a picture taking on Lion's Head.

Lion's Head

Strawberry Taho, my first time to eat this and I love it because of its color
After 2 hours around 10 am we were already in Baguio City and the wind is so cold. Nagsiksikan kami. Nagyakapan. Ha-ha. We were so hungry so we eat at Andok's. Then since we still have no place to stay we decided to reserve our ticket first going back to Manila so we went to Victory Liner. After we reserve our tickets we wander around Burnham Park then a guy approached us if we have a place to stay and showing us some of transient house. We told him our budget and he offer us a transient house who meet our budget with additional fee if we will cook and a gallons of water.

My friends and the transient house for 3 days and 2 nights
We rented our transient house for 2 nights P 1,500 per day plus P 100 for using LPG and another P 100 for our drinking water. The house has living area with small TV, small kitchen with basic kitchen utensils and a hot/cold CR but I think the shower is not working, we don't mind having it because we can still boil our water for shower purpose. It has also two rooms located in 2nd floor. It is also secured because it is gated. Walking distance to Our Lady of Lourdes grotto and accessible for TAXI. Our planned is to buy fresh vegetables in Baguio Market but did not materialized ha-ha we were too lazy good thing there is a walking distance mini grocery store were we bought our uncooked rice, canned goods and other food supplies.

For our day 1 we just rest, so our itinerary for that day did not materialize as well this is the disadvantage travelling with your friends plus the cold weather we just wanted to sleep all day. Ha-ha. By night time we decided to go outside to see the famous Baguio night market and have our dinner.

Inihaw ala Baguio

Baguio Night Market

Baguio Night Market
My friends bought some stuff. Tip, prices of the clothes and other stuff gets lower around 2-4 am. After our night market we headed to the famous session road to have a drink.

I forgot the name of the bar but it is too cozy. We really enjoy the ambiance plus I requested two song, Tadhana by Up Dharma Down and With a Smile by Eraserheads. You know the funny part? We travel to Baguio in 2013 we the Tadhana song and the movie That Thing Called Tadhana also feature this bar in their movie ha-ha.

Day 2

We rise early and cooked our breakfast because we have a lot places to visit for our itinerary. Since Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto is only walking distance in our transient house we went there first. It has 252 steps and one of the favorite places for pilgrimage site during Holy week. We really count our steps and none of us count it right. Ha-ha. 

252 steps going to Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto

Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto
My friends and I in one the statue.
After that we ride taxi to Mine View Park. It is one of the popular place to visit in Baguio City. It has a breathtaking panoramic view of Benguet's mining industry of copper and gold. Around the observation deck there are lot of stalls selling different products like food, plants and herbs, souvenir items and also you can rent a binocular for viewing the Mines View Park and take a picture of a dog for a fee.

My friends and I with Baguio City's Mines View Park signage
Souvenir Items
My friends with the panoramic view of Benguet's mining for copper and gold and mountains.

Inihaw na pusit
I will definitely get enough of this strawberry taho.
We had lunch at Cora's restaurant just walking distance at Mines View Park. We order sinigang and bulalo, although the weather is still tolerable we thought we need to sip some soup. After we finished our lunch we ride a taxi and headed to Wright Park and The Mansion. There is a lot of activities you can do here like riding a pony for fee and taking some picture of the Pool of Pines.

Wright Park Pools of Pines with too many cars parked.
Lots of Pine Trees
My friends and I at the Wright Park
Right beside the Wright Park is The Mansion. It is built in 1908 for US governor general but it was destroyed during 1945. They rebuilt and improved the area in 1947 by the Philippine government.

The Mansion
My friends with The Mansion as background
The main gate of The Mansion is said to be a replica of Buckingham Palace in London
After our Wright Park and The Mansion tour we just walked and headed to Botanical Garden before going to Camp John Hay.

Baguio Botanical Garden
 There were a lots of old people who wears Igorot dress and when you will take a photo of this signage they will asked you to pay them. We decline to take a photo with them though we respect elderly people we don't want the harassment they do.

My friends with Botanical Garden Signage

Inside the Botanical Garden
Me harassing the statue. Laki eh.
We didn't enjoy wandering inside the Botanical Garden although we are nature lover we suggest that they put some names and scientific names of all the trees and plants for educational purpose.

Then we ride a taxi again and headed to Camp John Hay. But the time we were going back to our transient house taxis were hard to find. Entrance Fee for P 60.00 for the Camp John Hay includes the Bell House and The Cemetery of Negativism.

Camp John Hay was names after John Hilton Hay the secretary of war of US President Theodore Roosevelt. It is also used as a concentration camp for American and British soldier during war. It has 290 fully furnished rooms with different cottages, duplexes, apartment and lodges.

My friends at The Cemetery of Negativism
The Cemetery of Negativism looks odd but make sense. It is a collection of thoughts to counter all the negativism that is in human minds. So when you visit there make sure to bury all the negative thoughts you have.

After we bury our negativity we walked to Bell House. You can see a lot of plants, flowers and pine trees everywhere. You can easily recognize that all structures were design with american architecture.

Bell House Facade surrounded by trees and flowers

Bell House with American Architecture design
Big hallway outside of the house
Gazebo with amphitheater
Living area with fire place inside the house
Living area inside the house
We felt a little bit creepy inside Bell House, a surreal feeling knowing it was built in 1903. You know, old people who used to lived here maybe dead and imprinted some vibes around the house or maybe its just me who is scared because we visited the place in All Souls Day. Ha-ha.

Anyway, Bell House today serves as a museum.

After our tour we headed back to our transient house because we were tired and hungry.

Day 3

For our last day, after our breakfast we ride a taxi to Strawberry Farm. Take note that it is far away from the city so either you rent the taxi for back and forth or you wait and look for a taxi going back to the city which is hard.

Mountain of house on our way to Strawberry Farm. Parang Brazil lang.
Strawberry Ice Cream. Yay.

Strawberry fields and lettuce, broccoli, onion farm.

Bubot pa.

Strawberries selling at the stall.
Strawberry wine
There is no entrance fee for the strawberry fields but you can pay P 300-500 for strawberry picking activity. Also if have your own car or rented a taxi you can buy vegetables here like broccoli and cauliflowers for more cheaper price.

After our tour we go back to our transient house and checkout. We brought our things and have lunch at SM Baguio.

SM City Baguio
My lunch at SM City Baguio
After our lunch, we headed to Baguio Cathedral. And our last pit stop is the Baguio Market for our souvenirs.

Baguio Cathedral
We just walked and headed to Victory Liner Terminal going back to Manila. Although we haven't visit some other places like the Bell Church, Tam AwanVillage, Ben Cab Museum which is part of our itinerary I realized that is we don't sleep all day in our first day Baguio City can be tour for only 2 days and you can visit all the tourist attraction.

For our expenses:

Cubao to Manaoag Church               -             P 315.00
Manaoag Church to Baguio              -             P 90.00
Transient House plus gallon of         -             P 3,200.00/5 pax
water & LPG
Taxi from Victory Liner to               -             P 50.00
Transient House
Taxi from House to Burnham          -              P 50.00
Taxi from Burnham to House          -              P 50.00
Taxi from Grotto to Mines View     -              P 60.00
Taxi from Mines to Wright Park,    -              P 50.00
The Mansion & Botanical Garden
Taxi from Botanical Garden to       -              P 50.00
Camp John Hay
Entrance Fee Camp John Hay        -               P 60.00
Taxi from Camp John Hay to         -               P 68.00
Transient House
Taxi from House to Burnham        -               P 50.00
Taxi from Burnham to House         -              P 50.00
Taxi from House to Strawberry      -               P 500.00
Fields (Back & Forth)
Taxi from House to SM Baguio      -              P 50.00
Taxi from Baguio Market to           -              P 50.00
Victory Liner
Food Expenses & Inuman               -              P 500.00
Souvenir (Wine, Peanut Brittle,      -              P 500.00
Ube & Strawberry Jam)
Victory Liner Baguio to Cubao      -               P 445.00

Note: Taxi divided to 5 person

Total Expenses
P2,729.00 per person

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