Perks of a Bella: What's Inside the Coupon Booklet of BDJ Power Planner 2016

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Perks of a Bella BDJ Coupons 2016
I know, I'm not the only one who is really excited when BDJ announce and release their BDJ Planner for 2016. Just like this year's 2015 planner, BDJ Planner 2016 separate their coupons and comes with Perks of A Bella BDJ Coupon booklet and attached the BDJ Lifestyle Card for 2016.

Are you excited to know what's inside BDJ Coupons for 2016?

Inside the Perks of a Bella Booklet is the BDJ Lifestyle Card
Bella Uncapped sponsored by Sharpie
Just like before 2016 BDJ Coupon Completion Promo, complete at least 50 used coupon and get 2 free planner, 40 used coupon and you'll get 1 free planner, 35 coupons to have 20% off or 30 used coupons to have 10% off. Deadline is on September 30, 2016.

Activate your BDJ Card/ BDJ 2016 Lifestyle Card Directory
Activate your lifestyle card by logging on your BDJ account or if haven't create yet, sign up to create your own BDJ profile account.

Having your BDJ 2016 Lifestyle Card gives you discount aside from BDJ Coupons.

Food Mapping/Wardrobe Match Up
New Section is the Food Mapping for food challenge and the wardrobe match up. Sponsored by SM Megamall.

The Ultimate Staycation Experience/Bean Break
Another new additional pages The Ultimate Staycation Experience sponsored by ACE Water Spa and the Bean Break by The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.

The Wellness Project/Goody Hair Habits
The Wellness Project sponsored by One Life Studio and Goody Hair Habits by Goody Ph

Weekday Getaway
New brand partner is the Century Mall Weekday Getaway.

Do you have the perfect fit?
This a must have for me, I don't know if I just gain weight or my boobs just got bigger. Ha-ha last time I check my bra size was 34 B but now I don't know what happen because I think I become 35-36 B. I need to buy new bras from Wacoal.

KEDS Daily Style Guide/ BDJ Coupons
Another new brand partner from KEDS and BDJ Coupons from 26th St. Bistro, Browhaus, Ace Water Spa, The Red Crab.

Serenitea, REVLON, Havaianas, Seafood Island Coupons
Celeteque, Subic Grand Seas, The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf and Wing Stop
Gifted, Vedette, Captain Pepper and TGI Fridays Coupon
Status Hair Salon, The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Jergens, Cupcakesby Sonja
Buffalo Wild Wings, Ace Hotel and Suites, Sorci Age Wacoal and Lenovo
Red Box, Strip Ministry of Waxing, The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Freshgearhttp://
Serenitea, Wingstop, Lipault, Ace Hotel and Suites
KEDS, Skechers, Skechers Time and Merrell Shoes
The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Wacoal, TheFaceShop, Ace Water Spa
Under Armour, Jamba Juice, Beauty and Butter and Skin Pro

WIng Stop, Chef Tony, Ace Hotel and Suites and The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

Goldilocks, Food Panda, V10 Plus and Ace Hotel And Suites Skygarden Steak House
Ace Sky High Bar, Brooklyn's, Zaxy, Cineplex
Red Box, Flawless, Ace Coffee Lounge and The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, The Body Shop, Forma and Security Bank
There you go! That's the sneak peak of all BDJ coupons for 2016.

I observe that they have fewer coupons every year like last 2013 they have 80, on 2014 they have 76, then this year only 72 coupons and next year is only 64 coupons.

But for me, I think the BDJ coupons for 2016 is more attainable and usable for Bellas. Like no more parking pass and pet shop because some of the bellas don't owned a car or a pet. Most of the coupons were focus on Beauty, Fashion, Food and Relaxation. Only one coupon is for health and fitness and a new coupon is for financial matter.

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