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Saturday, October 10, 2015

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This year Viviamo Inc. celebrates their 10th year anniversary. I've been using Belle De Jour planner since 2012 but I become active on participating on their activities just this year because one of my oal is to live my life to its fullest and BDJ really empowers women  to try, to dare, to achieve, to discover, to live their best lives.

In celebration of their 10th year anniversary BDJ launched an exclusive club only for bellas the BDJ All Access Club. I'm really excited to join.

Here's all the things you need to know:

First you need to log in on your account on their website.
Create your account now if you still not a member, trust me you won't regret it. I meet my new found friends here.

Complete and Update your full details on your account. And choose the newsletter you want to subscribe. Don't worry it is totally free and your account is strictly confidential and they won't spammed your email.

I pick all the newsletter because I really want to be updated.
After you choose the newsletter you want. BDJ will email you to confirm your subscription.

Just click on the link given for confirmation.

You will see this.

And viola! You are now an exclusive BDJ All Access Club member. But wait there's more.

As part of BDJ All Access Club they also launch BDJ Participation Point System to identify what kind of Bella you are based on your activities both online and onground.

Membership Ranks are as follows:

You are missing out so much fun!
“I created an account with BDJ/BDJ Box just to order a box or planner.”

Why stay on the courtside when you can join in the fun?
“I created an account with BDJ/BDJ Box to order a box or planner. Sometimes, I participate in campaigns, promos and events."

You’re becoming a leader of the pack!
 “I am happy being a Bella! I enjoy submitting reviews and comments online. Sometimes, I also join events that interest me.”

Who’s the certified Bella? YOU ARE!
A big hooray to you, Bella! Expect a special gift—a small token of our gratitude and appreciation—from us very soon! :)

What's at stake here? Climb the ranks and get exclusive surprises and offers from BDJ!

Getting exciting right? To climb your ranks, you need to be active and participate on their monthly activities either thru online, on ground or both. But they also have demerit system for inactivity on your membership rank and lose the chance to the higher ranking and get exclusive prizes waiting for you. So don't miss out!

To help maintain your rank you need to do at least one of the following activities every month:

  • Review products in the shop.
  • Comment on an article in and
  • Share an article from the both websites.
  • Submit a blog or video blog
  • Purchase a planner or any paper product in
  • Purchase any item in the shop
  • Subscribe to an Elite Box
  • Subscribe to a Luxe Box
  • Register for an event
  • Attend an event
  • Participate in a campaign and/or a contest

Easy peasy right?

So what are you waiting for join BDJ All Access Club today and win the following

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For more information visit the following link.

BDJ All Access Club
About BDJ All Access Club
Bella Participation Point

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