Finally! My Google Ad Sense Got Approved!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

I was giddy to share with you guys that finally, my google ad sense got approved. Yay!

Since I started to go back to blogging last year around December 2014, I was really eager to have a google ad sense but I got failed for the first time of application because obviously my blog before don't have valuable content and some of the pictures were not properly credited.

Anyway, after I got my own domain, one of my blog post rank No. 5 on the first page of google and got 1000 views on my other blog post about Eraserheads, I reapply my application using different gmail account.

Then I got an email and finally got on the first step of my application. I created my google ad sense account and then testing ads on my blog. But after a week my application got disapproved again due to the following reason.

  • Navigation issue
  • Some articles were not original and too short.
  • Photos were not properly credited.

So what I did was to makeover the whole blog. From my themes up to all my blog post. I chose to used a minimalist design because my old theme was too cluttered and not a user friendly. I also delete some of my blog post like 365 Days of Blogging Challenge because I realize some of my blog post about it were don't have valuable content.

After I finished completing all the blog post, tags and created a link on drop down menu, I used the testing ad from google ad sense and reapply. And yesterday, I visit my blog and saw a new advertisement and it was from google ad sense. I immediately check my gmail and it was really true.  My application got approved. Yay!

Although I knew that it will take years for me to monetize my blog, obviously this is my personal blog and I got a few visitors. But I'm glad that I finally have a google ad sense on my blog.

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