How I Met My Boyfriend

Thursday, October 22, 2015

As much I don't want to be cheesy on this blog, I can't help it but to share with you guys how I met this awesome guy who capture my heart and end my 4 year singlehood. Ha-ha.

I've known him since I was about 7 or 8 just by his name and academic background only, because my cousin had a crush on him and they were classmates. Every summer vacation, she always tells me stories about him, but still I haven't met him in person. I still remember my cousin invite me to wander around our barrio just to see him. You know "silay" moment, but we failed. Ha-ha. So year 2000 came, my cousin told me that her crush is their valedictorian and invite me to watch. Since I was too curious about him I watched their graduation march, but I just saw him just a little bit because I was too far from the stage.

Time flies and after 10 years my cousin got married already, maybe her admiration to him had gone or it's just puppy love and she met the love of her life. The last news I've heard about the guy is he got passed on college exam and studied at UP Baguio but suddenly dropped out from college. I was too sad when I heard the news I thought maybe he got depressed, he was too young to live on his own and Baguio was too cold, I mum to myself "Payatot kaya nya baka di nya kinaya yun lamig".

Do you believe in parallel relationship? 

I read about it here and it says that.

There is someone out there perfect for you and you may not even realize it. You’ve probably never had the chance to find them because you are constantly in a relationship — and so are they.

Most people aren’t and they let it pass them by, not just once, but time and time again. When two people are attracted to each other the universe does everything in its power to bring them together.

This phenomenon is naturally occurring, but some people are so resistant to their calling that they blow their chances.

Life tends to keep you apart until that opportune moment, will you be ready for it?

I think this is what happen to us, but I'm not quite sure though.

It was summer vacation, I was in our province after I got my heart broken and waiting for my graduation in May. His heart got broken too from his previous girlfriend.

After one year of working while I was browsing on Facebook I saw his profile on suggested friends. So I immediately add him and introduced myself. But no romantic attachment or sparks that time. I was still moving on and I have no plans to start a new relationship. I learned that he continued his studies with different course and different school.

Then another year came I resigned from my first company and start my new project in Mandaluyong along EDSA and near Star Mall area. Can you believe it that he happens to work also near that area, but we never got a chance to meet in person. Ha-ha. We have no communication back then I seldom open my Facebook account.

Then 2015 came, probably one of the best year of my life because there's a lot things happen to me. New work, new company, new friends, new lesson learned, new experiences. Around second quarter this year I joined a contest my initial plan is to go to Pangasinan to do some of the challenges, but I ended up to do a solo backpacking in Cagbalete Island. While I was browsing on my Facebook account he posted about Bolinao Pangasinan I got curious about it because I really want to go there before, then we chat and talk about it and about our commonalities. Then we got each other cell phone number. We finally met in person and then just like that. We fell in love.

I introduced him to my parents, he is the only guy whom my parents got their approval by the way. And the coolest boyfriend, I ever had.

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