Top 10 Hugot Moments from That Thing Called Tadhana

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

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I am a fan of travel movies like the trilogy of Before Sunrise, Before Sunset and Before Midnight. I am in love with the story of Celine and Jesse. I do also love the Y Tu Mama Tambien and Go Getter.

But when That Thing Called Tadhana went viral I don't watched it because I thought it was like just a copycat of Before Sunrise movie but Pinoy version same with the feeling I saw the trailer of Relaks It's Just Pag-ibig. Then when one of my friend invite me to watch it I still don't appreciate it. No I am not a movie critic and I am not hard to please, my mind was too clouded during that time . So for the second time I watch the movie alone. That's when I appreciate the characters and the story.

Here's my Top 10 Hugot Moments from That Thing Called Tadhana that made an impact for me.

  • "Alam mo 'yung sinabi ni F. Scott Fitzgerald? There are all kinds of love in this world, but never the same love twice."
Never compare your partner from your past relationship. And have enough courage to fall in love again.
  • "Pati sa ketchup naaalala mo siya? - Anthony "Naaalala ko siya sa lahat" - Mace
Having in a relationship of 8 years, I wouldn't question if even in the smallest thing you will still have a memory together so it is hard to forget the past.
  • “Hindi ka na niya mahal. Yun na yon. Ano di malinaw dun?”“T*** **a naman, sabihin naman niya kung bakit–” “Bakit, kapag sinabi ba niya kung bakit, may magbabago? Ang bottomline, hindi ka niya mahal.” “Close ba tayo? Ang sakit mo na magsalita ha!”
Sometimes the one who left behind always ask why. Like the guy from 500 Days of Summer who try to rewind all the memories they had and look what went wrong. And there is no easy way to break somebody's heart right? So some things better left unsaid and just call it quits.
    • “Pano ba makalimot?”“Pwede kang uminom gabi gabi, pwede kang umiyak gabi gabi, pwede kang makipagdate kung kani-kanino, o pwede ka ring makahanap ng new love.”
    There is no formula for moving on. Pablo Neruda once said "Loving is so short, Forgetting is too long". You have to find yourself first and love yourself first then you will have enough courage and fall in love again.
    • “Kasi ‘yung ganyang kalaking pagmamahal, ganyang overwhelming love, imposibleng walang pupuntahan eh. May mababalik sayong pagmamahal. Not necessarily sa taong pinagbigyan mo, pero sigurado ako, mababalik ‘yan sa’yo.”
    Kapag may tiyaga, may nilaga. I do believe in this line because I experience this before but not necessary as requited love but I do have big heart for my friends, I love making them feel happy and remember that I am always be there for them and poof! I met Ken this year.
    • Mace: “Gaano katagal bago mo siya nakalimutan?” Anthony: “Matagal.” Mace: “Gaano nga katagal? One year? Two? 3? 4? 5?” Anthony: “Importante pa ba ‘yun? Ang mahalaga, nakalimutan.”
    There is no clinic/hospital available for erasing him from your memory like in the movie Eternal Sunshine of Spotless Mind. Pero makakalimot ka din at makakarecover ka.

    I also do love the scene where Mace (Angelica Panganiban) need to bring all her baggage without the help of Anthony (JM De Guzman) all the way to overpass in Baguio. The baggage were her life or the memories of her ex and the overpass is her journey. Mabigat pero kaya.

    Also the part of the story were Mace and Anthony left their bags when they got to Sagada, Mace realize it was just a bag and it's okay. She is starting to move on.

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