What's Inside Belle De Jour 10th Year Edition Planner for 2016

Monday, October 26, 2015

Belle De Jour 10th Year Edition Planner 2016

I've been using Belle De Jour planner since 2012 and it helps me to be organize and also to discover more about myself and being a woman.

Belle de Jour Power Planner is especially made for Pinay woman who believes on positivity and achieve their goals and live your life to its fullest. This year BDJ's celebrates its 10th year anniversary, 10 years of empowering women. And the theme this year is to rekindle your light and remember to be brave, love deeply and shine brighter.

This year I was really active on attending their events and able to meet new found friends. Plus I also join their online contest and won. Yay. And next year I also plan to be more active because I really learned a lot from the talks on travel, financial freedom, make ups and getting fit.

Are you excited to discover what's inside the Belle De Jour 10th Year Edition Planner 2016?
Warning: More Photos below please be patience for the page loading.

My boyfriend bought my BDJ planner last Sunday at POP Up Store in SM Megamall Atrium. Yay!

Rekindle your light
2016 Goals and Happiness List
This is page is important so you can write your goals for 2015. Whether it is for personal growth, financial or career goals, health or relationship goal you can write it here.

Dream Board
Creates your own dream/vision board and every day imagines all the things you put and the law of attraction helps you to be successful.
BDJ 2016 Bucket List
It is like a year round bucket list for Bellas, it has 101 goals/task to conquer for the whole year of 2016.

Rekindle your Light
Rediscover your light and revive your motivation to constantly strive your reason for waking up in the morning.

What's your IKIGAI?
I remember the coffee commercial before "Para kanino ka bumabangon?" Finding your real meaning or purpose in life. As soon as I read the article in this page I google the "Ikigai" word. I will post my answers to the question soon.

What's Your Next Big Ideas?/Spend Smart
List down all your great ideas and pursue them one by one. Spend smart and shop like a pro.
Menstrual Tracker, one of my favorite section on BDJ Planner very useful.
A must have for me and all girls out there, although I have menstrual tracker apps on my phone I still write my PMS on my BDJ planner before.

Health Checklist and Beauty Essential Checklist
A must have for Filipina, we should know how to take care of our self.

Events Calendar
All year round event calendar. I'm forgetful on special events so this is very helpful.

BDJ Box Challenge
BDJ Box Challenge tracker for 7 days before reviewing the product.

Monthly Feature Page

Every month, BDJ planner has monthly feature page you can read it to motivate you to achieve your goals this 2016. 

Weekend Planner/Bill Tracker
We have to learn how to balance our personal life and career, weekend planner page help us to plan ahead and look forward to achieve our goals every weekend.

Bill Tracker/Cash Flow
Road to financial freedom is to know how to manage our income and expenses.

Cash Flow Tracker/Emergency Information
Every year BDJ conducts survey around March-April to all the BDJ planner user for them to know feedback and ideas. I observe there is no more gift tracker and travel must have but they retained the rest of the special pages. Yay! Looking forward to 2016!

Plus it has a magnetic bookmark.

I also blog a sneak peek on BDJ Coupons for 2016. Click Here

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with BDJ and this not a sponsored post. Ken (boyfriend) bought it for me. :)

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