Why I Quit my Corporate Job?

Thursday, October 01, 2015

If you've been following this blog for some quite time now you'll probably read my post how I got a chance to travel to Boracay Island for free because our company paid all the expenses for our team building held in that beautiful island. Last February I landed a job who paid me a lot with 5 days a week and 8 hours a day work in a corporate world. For almost 5 years of working in the construction industry I work for 6 days a week with extended hours if we need to rush to meet the deadlines for turn over. So I must say, my corporate job gives me more time for my family and for my social life.

Since I started working in this particular job, I felt maybe this is my dream job I'm really looking for. I got Saturday and Sunday to rest plus I can travel more for long weekend holidays. My salary is more than enough for my expenses and savings too. Or if I have no plans for travelling around nearby provinces I have time to blog more. Our company also have a lot of benefits if you become a regular employee like health card, 15 days vacation leave and 15 days sick leave if I remember it correctly. Plus they have a lot of events for all the employees like the team building I have said before.

But why I quit my corporate job if it paid me a lot and gives me more rest days than my other previous job? Because I hate it. Although I really enjoy those benefits I really hate my position. I also got bored. Imagine, I have been working in a construction environment before I got this job and everyday I saw a lot of different activities, meeting with the contractors, the adrenaline rush to meet the turnover schedule and then I have given a particular space, I was in the front of my computer for 8 hours waiting for my subordinate to submit their report, review and comment on their report and submit it to my superior. I have 2 civil/architectural engineers and 2 mepfs engineer who handles 4 different projects. I was organized before and I was so used to do juggling act I handle almost 20 contractors in one project, do the report and the inspection. But my subordinate can't meet the deadline and almost all the reports they gave to me were too shallow as if they haven't inspected the whole project given that they have one week per project. Aside from that they were always file a leave either vacation leave or sick leave. So I was too stressed with their attitude, I can't fired them because they were a regular employees in the company unlike me still newly hired.

So after almost four months of working on this corporate job, I travel to Cagbalete Island I have time to think if I will stay or not. I made a decision that I quit. I quit not because I am not a good leader to them, I quit because I can't handle their attitude and I don't learned anything new about my boss, about my job, about my co workers.

So I give up, though I've been unemployed for almost four months now there a lot things happen to me. And maybe next week I can start with the new chapter of my life and I will do a job which I find as my comfort zone, I'm going back to construction industry and hopefully I will finished this project and make me stay in a company.

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