Everything Is Possible 2016 Planner

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

For the dreamer who dares to leave a legacy. Everything is Possible influences you to simplify your life and teaches you to use micro actions to help set and reach your goals. 

Another planner created by Viviamo Inc. for people who wants to achieve their goals whether small or big dreams you have this planner helps you to take one step closer little by little.

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step." - Lao Tzu

Let's face it we have flaws, imperfections and weakness but I remember one of the quotes that made an impact to me was from the book of Og Mandino "Failure will not overcome me if my determination to succeed was strong enough".

So what's inside the Everything Is Possible 2016 Planner?

Own it! Write your personal info.

How to make everything is possible comes with step by step how to achieve your goals.

How to Maximize your EIP 2016 Planner

Micro actions to improve your lifestyle.

Index of Goals

Timeline of Goals

My Priority List: Relational, Personal, Career, Financial and Health Goals you have.

Financial and Health Goal Tracker

Career and Personal Goal Tracker

Aside from your the things you want to accomplished next year it's good to take note the things you already achieved.


Thing I Am Grateful For Section

Positive Poster to keep you motivated

Weekly View Page

Monthly View Page with motivational quotes

Year End Work Book

Everything Is Possible 2016 Planner can be purchased at ilovebdj.com for only P 598.00

Disclaimer: This is not a pai post, I bought this planner with my own money.

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