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Wednesday, January 06, 2016

A few days ago, I post my 2015 recap on what happen with my life last year. Today I will share my 2016 goals, things I want to accomplish this year. I divide my goals from personal, health, career, financial and relationship goals.

Personal Goals:

  1. Start my 365 Day Photo Challenge on my birthday. I really want to start this challenge but I always failed but this time I'm eager to pursue this challenge and I will start on my birthday.
  2. Document my "A Day in my Life" on my birthday. As I mentioned above, I think the best day to do a documentary of my day is on my birthday right?
  3. Watch Sunrise and Sunset in the same day. This is part of my 30 before 30 goal. Though I've done this before I don't have any photos as evidence so this time I will document this challenge.
  4. Get braces. I really need to have this for my teeth.
  5. Upgrade my wardrobe. If you know me in person most of my clothes were t shirt and pants. But now that I need to look more professional I will start buying clothes both corporate and girly stuff.
  6. Dye my hair red. I've been dreaming to dye my hair red and get bold.
  7. Learn how to put proper make up. Because I need to look more professional I will start buying some kikay stuff.
  8. Read at least 16 books. I miss reading books during my free time but since I finished college I got too busy with my career and don't have time to read.
  9. Plant something from seed and build my own vegetable garden. I don't if I have green thumb but I really want to start my own vegetable garden.
Health Goals:
  1. Quit smoking. Ken and I have an agreement that I need to quit smoking this year. 
  2. Have an executive check up. I will do this on Healthway though it a little bit pricey for an executive check up but I know it will be worth it.
  3. Start my 10,000 steps a day project. I already start this project last year since I walk from our house to my work now but I stop counting my steps.
  4. Get fit and achieve my weight goal. I think I already lose 2kg. since I started working again but I want to achieve my weight goal I still need to lose more kilos.
Career Goals:
  1. Finish our construction project on time. Our target date is to finish our current project within one month.
  2. Have at least 3 client and construction project this year. I'm crossing my fingers and hope for more client to come.
  3. Start my review and get focus. I will start my review on February or August.
  4. Enroll an online class. I'm interested to apply an online class like 18 units of education. I really want to be a teacher or professor.
Financial Goals:
  1. Try to earn more and plan to apply for car loan. If we hit our target earning for our project I think I am able to afford the down payment and apply for car loan.
  2. Invest on mutual fund and stocks. I need to study first the mutual funds and stock trading because I start investing my money.
  3. Save at least P 100,000 from my own paycheck aside from my earning from my construction business. I plan to save at least P 10,000 per month from my own paycheck so I will have 6 digits on my bank account before the year ends.
  4. Things to buy: DSLR, Itouch, Action/Waterproof Camera
  5. Travel Destination: Sagada, Ilocos and Batanes
Relationship Goals:
  1. Travel more with Ken. We travel a lot last year, he is the best travel buddy I have and we really enjoy road trips together.
  2. Stop being pikon and matampuhin. Ken and I were not a perfect couple but even though we I get angry on some silly things at the end of the day we make sure that we were okay. 
  3. Create a scrapbook for our adventure. I collect our tickets and receipt since our first date and can't wait to make a scrapbook for all our adventure together.
  4. Spend more time with my family. I plan to have our family trip soon, my parents never experience camping and boat ride so I will invite them to have a beach camping trip soon.
  5. Pray always. I often visit church but I always pray a lot for guidance.

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