My BDJ's Dream Board Project 2016

Sunday, January 03, 2016

A few days ago, we welcome year 2016! And I can't wait what 2016 will give me. Better be good because my 2015 is really awesome and a roller coaster ride.

I will use my Belle De Jour 2016 Planner this year and I was excited to fill up all the special pages on my planner. BDJ announce to complete your 2016 BDJ Dream Board challenge

So if you own a BDJ Planner 2016 why not join the challenge because the mechanics are easy to follow and win an exciting prizes.

1) Accomplish and complete your BDJ Planner's Dreamboard.
2) Share it in social media (FB,IG or Twitter), tag us and use the hashtag #My2016BDJDreamboard.
3) Explain what your dreamboard is and how you plan to reach your dreams this 2016.

Here's mine:

A few years from now I'm going to hit the big 30 and this year my power word is courage. I plan to invest my savings to mutual funds and learn the stock trading this year. For years, I abuse my body and health from my bad habits but this year I want to achieve a healthy lifestyle by detox and cleanse my body, get fit and stop all my bad habits. As a reward on achieving my goals I plan to travel do my dream destination: Batanes and also try to experience traveling abroad. To keep me motivated I put some photos of my family and my better half because I want them to part of my achievement.

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