Start Your Year With BDJ: Be Brave, Love Deeply and Shine Brighter

Sunday, January 10, 2016

I've been a BDJ planner user since 2012. It was just by accident when I discover this awesome planner while I was buying some stationery stuff at NBS Glorietta branch 4 years ago. And this planner helps me a lot from personal to my career.

This year, BDJ celebrates their 10 years milestone with their 10th Year Edition 2016 Belle De Jour Power Planner with Be Brave, Love Deeply and Shine Birther. But let me share you 10 reasons why I love BDJ Planner and let me take you back in time how BDJ help me shape the woman I am today.

1. BDJ helps me to pursue my goals and find what makes me happy.

Before, after I graduate in college and just starting my career in construction industry most of the time I have no idea what I wanted to be, where I wanted to be. But through the years, when I buy BDJ planner I always fill up this section and asked myself what are my goals this year and what I want to achieve and to boost my positivism I also fill up the page on what keeps me happy.

For four years, I achieve a lot because of this section.

I used my first BDJ Planner on 2012.

And after four years, I became part of the construction projects of some iconic landmarks.

The New Glorietta 1 & 2 in Makati

Grand Central Residences in Mandaluyong

Belle Grande now City of Dreams

Park Terraces

I am now currently working at Grand Hyatt Hotel in BGC.

2. Trust the Power of the Universe and create your dream board.

This is my dream board looks like this year.

Every year since I become a bella, I'm excited to cut out some magazine pages and paste it to my dream board. I read the Secret book and believe in law of attraction. Can you believe that through the years some items on my dream board were already fulfilled. Last year, I experience my first solo backpacking, cross out some of my list on my 30 before 30 and one the best highlight from my last year BDJ dream board is to have enough courage to fall in love again. And it happen and fall into right places. I am now happily taken with one of the coolest guy I've ever met.

3. BDJ helps me to observe my womanhood.

This is one of my favorite section on BDJ Planner. Before I don't know what is PMS means. I know I have a regular period and some hormonal imbalance but using this menstrual tracker, through the years it helps me understand my womanhood. Every month I fill up the monthly notes on what I felt before and during my period. Now, I knew that when I get easily pissed or angry, my smells become more sensitive, emotional, moody, hyper energy I knew that I was just because of my PMS. So my boyfriend already knew he had to be patient with me when he sense those symptoms. Ha-ha.

4. BDJ helps me remember important dates.

Due to stress and work load sometimes I forgot important dates, but because of my BDJ planner I didn't miss my parent's 30th wedding anniversary last year. And I'm excited to fill up this page again but this time I will add my boyfriend's birthday and our anniversary.

5. BDJ helps you find your purpose.

Just last year they add this section again, which help you find your life purpose. I remember the coffee commercial before "Para kanino ka bumabangon?" Finding your real meaning or purpose in life.

I become aware that my dream job is to be a college professor. I am passionate with my degree on architecture and I want to shape students who also wants to pursue their dream to become an architect someday.

6. BDJ helps you to track your bill .

When I just starting to earn my own money, I was overspend and live paycheck after paycheck. But with my BDJ planner I can now track my bills and pay it on time and avoid interest and over due charge.

7. BDJ helps you to be financial literate.

Just like what I've said a while ago, aside from bill tracker BDJ planner has cash flow tracker. I live paycheck after paycheck. As soon as I got my salary I buy things I thought I needed, I don't have savings before. But using my BDJ planner I become a financial literate using their cash flow section. Every monthly I will fill up my monthly salary, collect all my receipt and then do the balance check. I know now were does my money go and find out which part of the things I could cut out so I can save more.

8. BDJ helps you keep track on your ideas and dream big.

Recently I just found out on info graphics I've read on a social media that some of the successful billionaire in the world comes from a small idea they pursue and it become big. Just like how BDJ planner created too. So this new page section on What's your next big idea? will help me fill up some of my thoughts and ideas, maybe sooner or later it will also be successful. 

Since I love collecting stationery and stickers. One of my next big idea is to build a small business about it. I also start learning how to bake, maybe I can make also a business out of it. But one of my dream to fulfill is my thesis proposal in college. I want to build a proto type of it and if become successful it might be one of construction innovation to provide and build low cost housing for the poor but using renewable and sustainable materials.

 9. BDJ helps you to find a woman you wanted to be.

Every month, BDJ planner has section were you can read an article. It helps me shape to become a woman I wanted to be. I get out of my comfort zone, I experience travelling via land,sea and air. I become more confident and meet new found friends thru BDJ events and activities. I become more eager to live a healthy lifestyle, financial literate and street and travel smart.

10. With BDJ, this year I will be brave, love deeply and shine brighter.

My BDJ planner this year is one of the special planner I will be using. My boyfriend bought it for me because he knows I will love it. Now with BDJ, this year I will be brave enough to pursue all my goals this 2016. I plan to pursue my career on the next level, I am now decided to also build my own construction company. Though I know there will be struggle and I will encounter some problems I knew I will be brave enough to overcome it. I will love deeply with my betterhalf and my family. And I will shine brighter this 2016 because I know what I am capable of. 

I believe everybody’s meant to do something significant. I think I’m on the right path and even though the destination isn’t clear yet. I’m enjoying the journey with my BDJ planner this year.

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