Year End Post 2015

Monday, January 04, 2016

This post was overdue and got stock on my draft for past few days because I was too busy on long weekends and holiday.

2015 is a roller coaster ride for me, And one of the best year for me so far. I do a lot of things, some lesson learned and experience a lot too. So here's my 2015 recap I list 15 things that happen to me.

  • I become more active and serious on blogging. I started to design my blog and tweaked some codes to minimalist design. I also got my own domain around April or May. I added some Facebook group to meet and interact to other bloggers. And before the year ends my Google Adsense got approved finally.

This is my blog looks like before.

I tweaked some codes to minimalist design.

  • I  got to experience working on a corporate world. It paid a lot than I expected but I got bored plus there's too much pressure. Luckily after 5 months of being unemployed I got a new job before the year ends.
  • I become more social and meet some new found friends. I met these three wonderful girls on BDJ Passion Series. It was my first time to attend a BDJ event since I started using their planner. Since then, we attend some of BDJ events and talks.

  • I got a chance to travel and explore Boracay for free. As I said, I got employed on a company on the first quarter of 2015 and our team building will be held on Boracay so the company pay all our expenses for 3 days and 2 nights vacation.

Got a chance to see the famous Boracay sunset.
  • First time to experience to try and travel via ferry boat and travel via plane alone without my family. So I fulfill and crossed out one my 30 before 30 goal. Plus I finally landed on three major island of the Philippines, been to Luzon since birth, to Mindanao last 2011 and now 2015 Visayas.

  • Experience my first solo backpacking travel. I went to Cagbalete Island in Quezon Province, I met new found friends there and soul searching on the beautiful island, woke up in the morning and welcome the sea breeze, ate the famous Lucban longganisa and learned a lot things about myself.

Low Tide on Nilandingan Cove, Cagbalete Island.
  • I won in a contest. I accepted the BDJ 20 Summer Photo Challenge. And I'm glad that they choose me as a winner. Yay!
  • My parents celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary. Since I won in a contest and my prize is to have an overnight stay to Subic Zambales, our family spend our 2 days and 1 night exploring Subic. We have a great time because we saw the Subic Safari and Ocean Adventure, it is my first time to see a tiger and dolphin in real life.
  • Try new dishes. This year I got a chance to eat from different restaurant. Pepper Lunch, Uncle Cheffy, Rub and Ribs, Army Navy, Bacolod Original Inasal.

  • I become more active Bella. Since 2012 I used Belle De Jour Power Planner but I just became more active recently. I attend on some of their events and talk. I learn a lot of things from the speakers. From getting fit, be more responsible on the environment, financials, proper make up and etiquette and travel smart.

  • After two years, I got a chance to go back to Manaoag Church. I was thankful because my wishes were granted.
  • I went to Baguio three or four times this year. But this time with special someone. There's a lot of changes two years ago and the traffic was horrible. But I still enjoy exploring Baguio every time because I really like the cold weather.
  • Finally met my better half. He was the sweetest and coolest guy I met aside from my father of course. I'm glad that he came to my life.

  • And since it is my first time to introduce my boyfriend to my parents I'm glad that my parents really like him for me. Plus I meet his family too and we were in good terms.
  • And finally, it is my first time to spend Christmas holiday with my family and with Ken together. Then I spend New Year with Ken and his family.

What a roller roaster ride right? And I'm looking forward that 2016 will be also a great year for me and spends more time with Ken and my family.

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