Revisiting Magalawa Island

Wednesday, March 09, 2016

This isn't my first time to visit Magalawa Island in Zambales. But this time, I travel for 6 hours with Ken just to relax away from stress. And also this time instead of staying in Armada Resort I choose to contact Kuya Mulo the real caretaker of the island. 

Ken and I leave in Manila around 6 am last February 21. We rode via Victory Liner from Manila to Olangapo then transfer from Olangapo to Iba Zambales to buy our food for our 3 Days and 2 nights from Iba Market. Our initial plan is to rode a jeep to Masinloc and drop by to Radio Veritas but since we got to Iba around late afternoon already and we were too exhausted some tricycle from Iba offer us a ride direct to Radio Veritas for P 100.00 each. I knew how far the area from Iba so I immediately took the offer.

Port from Kuya Mulo's House while waiting for the boat to arrive.

Ken used our newly bought portable stove and cook our Sinigang na Hipon.
Ken was so excited to jump and swim because the water was clear he said unlike his experience in Bataan and Laiya.

Clear water and fine sands

Sand bar in front of Armada Resort

Since there is a dispute between Armada and Ruiz Resort I knew that we need to pay P 50 each just to enter the part of Armada, while Kuya Mulo doesn't mind if the some guest of Armada enter their resort.

I already stay in Armada resort before and I told Ken that they have a smaller shore line but has good view of Sunset and mangrove.

Mangrove from Armada Resort

Sunset view from the Sandbar
If I will choose between the two resort I will definitely go back to Kuya Mulo because we can do DIY unlike the Armada Resort who offers expensive food and accommodation package. We just pay P 1,400 for our 3 days and 2 nights at Ruiz Resort. Our food just cost around P 1,000 below.

We really have fun and spend some quality time together. Because of this trip, Ken realized many things about his personal and career goals and I support whatever decision he had.

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