Be Bella Beautiful with Olay One Wash Wonder

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

What defines Bella Beautiful? Being a bella beautiful for is a woman who is proud and confident of her imperfection and embrace her flaws. Brave and fearless to take challenges and defy norms,

Last month, BDJ ask bellas a mystery phrase and a survey on their Facebook Page, Last week they finally revealed the product, All New Olay Skin Whitening Bar #onewashwonder.

This products promise to reveal natural white skin from first use. Formulated with rose extract made from Egytian Roasa Canina flower petals and Olay's Natural Whit rich all in one dyday cream. It exfoliates your skin and wash away dead skin cells to reveal natural white skin all over and even skin tones to make it look clean and clear.

I'm one of the lucky bellas who receive this product to review. Just in time for ending the summer season. Coming from the beach and under the sun for almost the whole summer season this might help to remove dead skin cells and sun burn.

When I unbox this product, the first thing I notice is the smell, it is not overpowering unlike other whitening soap that has Kojic Acid and the combination of rose petals and milk fragrance smells really nice. When I first used it doesn't give me stingy feeling and any rashes, it also give a clean fresh feeling and instantly feel the smoothness on my skin. Another thing I love about this product is the soap doesn't melt unlike other soap with moisturizer so the full sized is good for weeks or maybe months for daily use. As for whitening components, it didn't give me the one wash whitening promise. I have morena skin so I wasn't really expecting a visible change in my skin tone.

But all in all I will definitely buy this product after I finished the first box. 

Sample Size: 90g full sized
Price: P 46.00

Disclaimer: This is not a paid post, the product was deliver from BDJ for review and I give my honest opinion  and my personal experience about this product.

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