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Friday, June 10, 2016

Just in time for my monthly period Sample Room delivery me this product for review. I've been using of Whisper Sanitary pads before they introduce their new line of sanitary napkins.

I still remember my first time to have my monthly period, I was in my senior year in Grade School that time and I was assigned cleaners after our class when it happen. My classmate told me I have blood stain on my school uniform, I immediately told my teacher about it and she gave me permission to go home. I was anxious and nervous that time I cover the blood stain with my body bag and ride with the tricycle. My mom help me to change and teach me how to use sanitary napkin. And the rest was history, from that moment I tried many sanitary napkin brands that fits my monthly needs. I have heavy flow for the first three days. Instead of using regular pads during days I use the night pad sanitary napkins just to avoid blood stain for my every day work.

As I said a while ago I've been using Whisper sanitary pads because it fits my needs. Usually I used 3 napkins a day.

So now, I try this new product while I have my monthly period and this is my review about it.

I can't imagine this sanitary pad was so thin and but really absorbent. Even at 1/3rd the thickness, no blood stain and felt dry the whole time I wear this pad. For comfort, the Air Dry Cushion Topsheet for 2x air flow really done its job. No kulob feeling and really comfortable. I also try this during the night and I really like the adhesive was strong enough because when I woke I don't have blood stain on my bed sheet plus the sanitary pad is still intact.

I would definitely buy this product for now on and try the other variant the New Whisper Skin Love Day pad.

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