My Dad My Hero

Friday, June 17, 2016

Anyone can be a father but it takes a real man to be a dad. He comes from a broken family and he grew up with his relative. He pursue Criminology during college because his father is a police officer during that time and wants my father to be become one too, but my dad dropped out because he learned that my mom was pregnant. He knew that moment he doesn't want us to experience the life growing up without a family. My dad and my mom got married and start a family.

My dad is the most significant person I know who has a lot of influence on my values and view in life. All the things I've accomplished with my life, I owe it to him.

Perseverance, Diligent and Courage

He worked as one of the demolition team then become a utility worker to a government office. He is a good provider, can you believe that from his salary of P 3,000 a month, he send his children to college. He works more than 30 years and still work although we want him to retire, he said that he still strong enough and he wants us to save our money for our future.

He believe in us. He let me and my brother left the decision in terms of which path to choose. He doesn't want my mom to work as well to help our family in terms of financial, he wants my mom to just take care for us. He doesn't want us to do house chore but instead dedicate our time to study our lessons. Education really means to him, my father and my mother wants us to finished our studies because they knew that education is the key to success.

So my brother and I dedicate our time to pay back the sacrifice of our parents and study well. We excel in school, we were happy whenever we make them proud.

My father and I when I receive first honor medal during elementary
My brother and I passed the college entrance exam to the two state universities, UP and PUP. We were both iskolar ngbayan, my brother took a double degree Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Accountant and I took Bachelor of Science in Architecture. Pot of gold

My father and I when I finally graduate in college.
Cleary through perseverance, diligent and courage that he thought me landed me from what I've become. And it never ends there, I see to it that I also influence my other co worker. I want to become a role model to them. That failure and hardship will not overcome me if my determination to succeed was strong enough. He believe in us that is why I believe in myself.

Enjoy the Little Things

Growing up isn't hard even though we lack financially. My father teach us to enjoy the little things. My childhood was filled with fun memories actually. We visit parks and zoo. He doesn't want us to love material things. I remember we always go to the park every weekend let us play. He teach us how to play chess, scrabble and domino. My brother and I play with our cousin - tagu taguan, plato platuhan, patintero and more. The road to happiness is paved with simple pleasure, because those little things are the real big things.

My brother and I who plays with pillows and sheets mimicking robots
Street Smart

I am a daddy's girl, so when we travel I'm always beside him. I still remember when we rode to jeepney or bus he teach me some street names, how to get to somewhere, how to haggle, how to cross pedestrian and how to defend yourself. That's why growing up as a commuters isn't hard for me. I can ride on a tricycle or jeepney by myself when I had to go to school. When I go to college I can go anywhere without getting lost. I can go National Library or buy my architectural stuff and things in Recto with no harm. He taught me to rely and defend by myself.

To Love Unconditionally

I am not a perfect person nor a perfect daughter, I failed too many times but my dad still believe in me.

He told me that the world is filled with opportunities and do not be discourage in achieving my dream. He let me fail and learned from it. He let me decide and become a person who is responsible from the choices I make.

He loves us unconditionally. He is the sweetest guy who loves my mom. They been together for almost 30 years now and still makes my mom "kilig" when he buys flowers and cake for her. He still sung their theme song "Wonderful Tonight" every time and told us a thousand times how he and my mom met.

That's why I will never settle for anything less than what I deserve because of him. He is my ideal man and his character is one of the things I look for a partner. Luckily I met a guy who is like my father's character. He also loves me unconditionally. My father and Ken get along well too.

To my dad and to my mom also, thank you for everything. You are the greatest gift anyone could asked for. And though you never asked for anything in return, my brother and I would give everything the life you've deserve.

Our family having a great time in Dakak Island as a treat to our parents.

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