Sample Room Second Haul

Thursday, June 09, 2016

This is my second time to try and order on Sample Room. For those who doesn't know about it you can visit their site for the mechanics or read my first blog about them here

I've been busy for almost three months and this is just my second time after I first ordered last year. So last week I place my order and pay the delivery fee. And just in time for my monthly period I receive it on Monday. 

I got 104 points from my Sample Room account and order 3 items and just pay P 100.00 for delivery fee here's what I got.

See, the total savings? Plus I got the chance to experience those sample. The soap could be a month supply too.

My mother also try to create her account and order other sample available. 

Here's what she got:

A total pf P 122.00 savings. Yay!

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