An Adventure Awaits You At Zoobic Safari

Sunday, July 17, 2016

When In Subic, Just a few hours away from busy lifestyle and traffic of the Metroan adventure awaits you at Zoobic Safari.

I had a chance to have a hotel accommodation for free at Subic Grand Seas Resort because I won on a contest and to maximize my stays with my family we got to see the Zoobic Safari inside the Subic Bay Free Port Zone. And boy! Zoobic Safari is more than just seeing and feeding a sharp tiger canine teeth but there's a lot of animals you have to see it too.

Zoobic Safari is not an ordinary amusement park, there advocacy is to promoto awareness about these wonderful animal by giving some information about the species and up close and personal encounter with them.

I miss going to the zoo, when I was a kid my parents used to bring us to Manila Zoo with my brother. So when I got a chance to go Zoobic Safari I felt like a child again. I have a soft heart with animals.

First thing we do after purchasing tickets and gave us a small map is going to Forbidden Cave and Zoobic Cave.

My first encounter with the camels.
This is my first time to see camels, I wonder how they cope on our weather here in the Philippines. I also see some wild boars, goats, deer, wild cats, different species of birds. Reptiles is a no no for me because I really hate them. Don't get me wrong, its just I really don't like their slime skin. Especially snakes I have fear of snakes even if I just saw it on National Geographic I immediately change the channel. Laughs. But I like turtles.

Anyway, afterwards we had a chance to have a close encounter with the tigers.

Tiger while the tour guide feeding them.
Before you could get a chance  for the tiger close encounter you have to wait in a long line of tourist. First come per serve basis but there is a waiting area were you could sit first while waiting for your turn. If I remember correctly, a jeepney with cage protection could fill up to 12 persons. You have the option to buy kilos of chicken meat to feed the tigers.

My mom, younger brother and I inside the jeepney taking us to the tiger sanctuary.

Close Encounter with the tigers.
At first I was freaking out when we enter the sanctuary, what if the tigers were strong enough the destroy the cage that we were in. Praning lang. Then I felt sad there are a lot of tigers inside the sanctuary, I observe they are thin and some of their skin have bruises, exhausted maybe because of the summer season and the fur is not really thick. Sobrang ninipis na. As if they are not being take cared off well. I hope they were address my concern immediately.

Anyway, after our close encounter with the tigers we also go to the Croco Loco, close encounter with the crocodiles.

Close Encounter with the crocodiles.
Some of the crocodiles were sleeping when got there, while some were attentive because they got fed with chicken meat by the tourist. I remember my dad's joke, nandito pala yun congress. Haha.

Zoobic Safari also have animal live show. They asked the audience participation in some of their segments. This is my favorite part of the tour, I was really amaze how the staff patiently taught the animals with some tricks. Kids will really enjoy this show. But only thing that I freak out is that there is one of the segment on the show were the host told us that one of their snakes is lurking around the audience area. Imagine my panic, they asked us to check under our chair if there is a snake inside.

We also avail the picture with the tiger photo op.

Me and my family

For more information you can visit their website at

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