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Thursday, July 14, 2016

We all know that cardiovascular diseases are the number 1 cause of death not only here in the Philippines but also around the world. It doesn't matter whether your old or young. With the lifestyle we had like obesity, eating too much sugar or fats, no active lifestyle, smoking and socialized drinking, stress on commuting and work we are not exempted on having a cardiovascular diseases.

I knew someone who looks healthy outside and in his early 20's died from cardiac arrest. That's the time I realized that even if I was still young and on my late 20's I am not exempted especially that we have history on the family having this diseases.

When my friend who is a registered nurse live with my family for almost two years we regularly monitor our blood pressure. Too bad, due to work he destined to other place. Since we didn't know how to use stethoscope we bought an automatic blood pressure monitor.

I saw this promo in Watson about Brielle Automatic Arm Type Blood Pressure Monitor. The cost of the item is around P 1,400+ but if you have SM Advantage Card you can get this for only P 1,000. So I grab it and save some money.

Brielle Automatic Arm-Type Blood Pressure Monitor

Product Description:
  • High Reflective Crystal Display. 75x54mm LCD display that shows all the data such as time, date, blood pressure and pulse.
  • Arrhythmia Detection. Detects cardiac anomalies.
  • Dual Memory. Covenient for 2 users, stores up to 90 memory each.
  • Intelligent Pressure. Core Biosensor technology to ensure accurate measurement.
  • Visual Color for Blood Pressure Range. Can easily identify the range/level of the blood pressure result.
  • Average Memory. Averages the last three measurements.
The product uses Oscillometric method of measurements. Comes with 4 pcs. of 1.5V Alkaline AA batteries.

The product is easy to use just like stethoscope, you need to put the cuff in your arm then just click the start button and the monitor starts to pump so don't be alarmed. Then it will starts reading your blood pressure and pulse rate times per minutes.

Place the cuff in your arm.

My Blood Pressure Reading
As you can see, my result is normal. 113/66 with 87 pulse rate per minute. The green on the left side of the monitor indicates that my blood pressure is normal. Green is for normal, Yellow is for pre hypertension and the red is hypertension.

I check my blood pressure twice a day on the same hour/day. I use my BDJ planner and write my BP measurement.

Hypertension is a silent killer so it's good to have this automatic blood pressure monitor so I can check my measurement regularly.

Things to consider before measuring your blood pressure for accuracy:
  • Don't smoke or drink alcoholic drink. Avoid coffee. Leave at least 30 minutes to settle before measuring your blood pressure or else your reading is not accurate and will be higher than your normal reading.
  • Just relax while the monitor is measuring your blood pressure. Sometimes I panic when the cuff starts to inflated which is wrong. My bad.
  • Support your arm so that your elbow is at the same level of your heart.
  • If you wear a long sleeve, you should wrap it and leave out of the way. The cuff should be place in your bare skin.

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