Get Squared at Sam's Pizza

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Delicious, fun and entertaining. That's the best description of this place. This is my new discovery during my stay at Subic Olongapo. 

I'm a pizza lover but this is my first time to try a square pizza. Plus my first time to dine in on a pizza restaurant with a live band and you can order beer. A cold beer and a hot pizza? Good combination right?

We got a chance to try this restaurant with my family for free when I won on a BDJ Challenge contest. When we got there, a long line of people waiting to dine in. As in box office! I thought we will wait too but the staff reserve our table and a pre order meal as part of my prize. Anyway, we were celebrating my parent's wedding anniversary during that time. A live band starts to sing old songs which my parents enjoy. My father even requested their theme song and the band gladly to granted it.

So why does Sam's Pizza is a hit in Olangapo? I learned that this pizza parlor was established since 1976. Imagine 40 years of crafting delicious pizza. This was established by Sam Del Rosario during the operation of Subic Naval Base were most of their customers were american troop soldiers. Sam's squared pizza has a unique blend of herbs and spices, special dough, meat and vegetables, thanks to the Italian- American US Navy friend of Mr. Del Rosario who give him the formula. But just like any other successful business establishment, they also experience challenges. With Mt. Pinatubo eruption and American soldiers left when the extension of Philippine-US military bases agreement rejected by the Senate. But since Sam's Pizza gain patrons they still keep coming and so the rest is history.

Sam's Pizza is not like any other pizza parlor as they cater all ages, I see a mixture of crowd when we dine in. Barkadas, family, couples and singles enjoys the live band entertainment. This place gave us an intimate bonding experience.

We got the chance to try some their best selling pizza like the Taco Looking Pizza comes with fresh vegetables, tomatoes, onion and more and Sam's Special covered with sausage, ham, mushroom, onion and cheese blend in square pizza. They are flavorful and affordable too.

Chicken n widget and Sam's Taco

Sam's Special Squared Pizza

If you happen to visit Olongapo, don't forget to try and visit Sam's Pizza along Magsaysay Street.

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