Glam Indulgence: My Beauty Boot Camp Experience

Wednesday, July 06, 2016

As far as I can remember the last BDJ event I attended was last year Beauty Boot Camp held at The Blue Leaf Filipinas. I got too busy with my career and personal life so I can't attend in any workshops and event since then but I'm starting over again. What the best timing and event to start being an active bella again is to attend the 2nd Beauty Boot Camp this year right?

Last week I was one of the lucky bellas got invite for free to attend this year Glam Indulgence BDJ Beauty Boot Camp held at Palm Groove Rockwell Club Makati last June 26. I was at the event around 8 in the morning because I want to score the free Olay Regenerist Ritual for the first 200 attendees. I was surprise because when I came there's a lot of bellas waiting on the line and signing up already.

I signed up and they gave me the Olay Regenist Ritual in a box and a flyer of Glam Indulgence with a plan/map of product/booth exhibitor plus social media hash tag to use and share the experience.

Surprisingly aside from bellas there are guys welcomes and attend the event. 
I didn't got a chance to sign up for workshops because it was sold out already. As early as 8:30 in the morning there's a lot of bellas walking around so they decided to open the exhibit earlier. I was excited to explore and experience some beauty booths.

Toni & Guy Salon
Toni & Guy Hair Salon booth gives free hair make over and hair styling for free. This booth has a long line and bellas were patiently waiting for their turn.

Max Factor booth
Cover Girl Booth
Cover Girl and Max Factor booth give free make over.Try some of their products. I haven't try this booth because there is a long line and I have done my make up before I go the event.

Flawless Booth
There is a also a long line of bellas waiting for their turn at Flawless booth, they give free skin consultation and chance to play on their spin a wheel and win some awesome prize.

Cure and K Palette Booth

The Body Shop Booth
The Body Shop booth lets you sign up for free membership and chance to pick up a prize on their box. I try this and sign up and I got a free sample of their perfume.

Browhaus Salon and My Amazing Blow Dry Booth
Browhaus Salon gives limited discount and try their brow services and they also selling some of their products like The Amazing Blow Dry. I tried this product before when I got a free sample.

Bioderma Sensibio Booth
Bioderma Sensibio booth sells skin care products formulated for all type of skin like sensitive and normal to dry.

Detail Make Over Booth
Detail Make Over of Cosmetix Unlimited gives you free make over. They fix your brow make up too.

Revia Hair Color Booth
You buy Revia Hair Color products and they will apply it for you for free. How awesome is that? I bought this product but since the line is too long I told them I will try it when I get home. But I see sone bellas who tried their product and looks promising the color is really pigmented.

Celeteque Dermo Science Booth
 This is my favorite booth among 10 pamper stations. The line is too long but still I'm patiently wait for my turn. I got a chance to have a one on one skin consultation. I don't know if the staff is a dermatologist but I feel comfortable with her. She removes first some of my make up on my fore head and right cheeks for skin analysis. She showed me the scan of my skin on the computer. I told her that I don't have a healthy lifestyle. I also told her that I know their online website, you can answer some question and give you the type of skin products to use but I still have doubts that's why I came in to try the booth to have a personal skin analysis. She gladly answer some of my queries. Based on my skin analysis she told me I have combination type, on my forehead is dry while my cheeks and t zone area is oily. I told her I used St. Ives Apricot scrub because whenever I have a pimple and breakout the pimples will be gone just a few days unlike other facial wash. She told me that I can use the product I have but don't use it on a regular basis like everyday. The product that I used really fight the pimples but can also make my pores bigger too and I don't want this to happen. So she told me that if I plan to use the product regularly I also need to consider using toner to close my pores every time I used the product so that no dust and dirt can enter. She also add that I still have a healthy skin. The sizes of my pores were normal and no visible wrinkles so no need to use anti aging skin.

I'm so happy with my personal skin analysis. Now that I knew my skin type I plan to buy some Celeteque products for combination type of skin. I will start my beauty regimen because I'm not getting any younger.

Another successful beauty pampering and indulgence kudos BDJ! Thank you for this beauty camp. I'm looking forward to have and maintain healthy looking skin because of this I've learned a lot.

Here's my beauty steals from the BDJ Box Glam Indulgence Beauty Boot Camp. The Olay Regenerist Ritual full size of Olay Miracle Boost Serum and Olay Regenerist Micro Sculpting Cream worth P 1,600+ and P 1,300+ but I got it for free, Revia Hair Color, White Musk Smoky Rose sample size. I also got a free sample size from Bioderma and BDJ 2016 Petit Planner by just updating my BDJ Account.

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