Waves and Dolphins at Subic Ocean Adventure

Monday, July 18, 2016

We maximize our stay in Subic, so after we visit the Zoobic Safari. We travel on the other side of Subic Bay Free Port Zone.

Subic Ocean Adventure as we all know is the first marine park and aquarium here in the Philippines. The place has 12,000 sq.meter land area and 8,000 sq.meter water space well planned to cater a wonderful world of sea life.

We arrive from Zoobic Safari before lunch but we decided to take our early lunch first at Ilanin Bay Cafe.

Our early lunch from Ilanin Bay Cafe

As expected the cafe is really crowded, maybe because there is also a lot of visitors during summer season and school vacation. 

After we ate, we go to Sea Lion Marine Patrol Show. The show is same like the one at the Ocean Park in Manila. They also asked audience for volunteer and participate on the show. But I found out that the volunteer is also a staff, I saw the show twice on that day and but it was hilarious anyway and entertaining. He ends up in the water for a man vs sea lion challenge.

The Sea Lion Marine Patrol Show

By the way before I forgot, after you purchase your ticket they will also give you the different show and attraction with time schedule for the whole day so you can maximize your time.

During summer, they offer 3 time slots for every show so you won't miss it.

After we saw the sea lion, we also go to El Captain Theater for main attraction. The Dolphin friends show. But the area is too crowded so better to be there ahead of time.

The highlight of the place

You can also pay a fee if you want a close encounter with the dolphin. Reservation for time slot schedule is required.

It was entertaining to see dolphins jumps, swim, flip, spin and do some tricks. But I wonder if they get tired or stress because they also have 3 time slot in one day. All in all it was fun, this is my first time to see a real dolphin even from afar.

After the show we also go to amphitheater for another show. The Velasco Family, yes you heard it right they are sound familiar if watch Pilipinas Got Talent before. They show their balancing act. People who watch were nervous when they act like they will fall.

Balancing Act by The Velasco Family

What I like about my visit here in Subic Ocean Adventure is that kids and family able to bond together plus both of them learn the conservation and environmental protection for marine life.

If you want to take a journey here at Subic Ocean Adventure you may visit their website at http://www.oceanadventure.com.ph/.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.

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