Rise Above the Waves: 8 Things You've Missed at BDJ Fair 2016

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

This is my first time to attend BDJ Fair though I'm BDJ Planner user since 2013. I was too excited I woke up around 5 am just to check if the event was postpone just like last year because of the storm coming, but since there is no announcement I push through on going to SM Mall Of Asia last October 16. I got there early around 9 am, I thought I was too early but I was wrong there is a long line of girls already. The line is divided on three for the pre registered bellas, for walk in bellas and for bloggers, winners and paid workshops. Since I signed up for Ikigai Workshop, the line is not too long so I got in to the fair early.

Here's the 8 Things You Miss at BDJ Fair 2016:

1. A Chance to Make A Change

Every year, BDJ Fair raised funds for various advocates. This year, BDJ choose to donate to Grace To Be Born Inc. and Magbassa Kita Foundation. 

Grace to Be Born Inc. serves as a temporary shelter or half way house for unwed pregnant mothers and an orphanage for children born on the shelter.

Magbassa Kita Foundation for LIPAD project of MKFI and USAID to empower non-literates in Muslim Communities. Magbassa Kita is a Tausug phrase which means "let us read" organization dedicated to the promotion of literacy, poverty alleviation, and peace especially in Mindanao.

2. Booth Activities

There are 18 booths to enjoy at BDJ Fair, I was surprise to see some guys who join the Fair.

Goldilocks, Ace Water Spa, Browhaus Strip, Flawless
Red Mango, Celeteque, Lynelle, Vedette
Skin Station, Serenitea, ETC
Mini Ball Pit with Jergens
Despite of bed weather, bellas enjoy participating in different booths. I tried the ACE Water Spa and won a tote bag yay! I really need it because I bought a lot of BDJ products.

3. Find out what's ahead on 2017 thru Tarot Card Reading

The line for Tarot Card Reading is very long and you have to wait and be patient, just like I did. Sam is my tarot card reader. She shuffle the card and ask me to divide the cards by four using only my left hand. Without any interview or any background she told me I am happily taken and my love life was okay which is true and the only dilemma I have is financial status and I am planning to establish my own business. I was blown away. She didn't ask me anythingAfter that she allow me to ask three question, either personal, relationship or career.

4. Fun Activities

Do the Bungee Jumping on Trampoline
Surf Rider
I didn't try this two activities because I wore a dress and boots. Haha. I will absolutely try this next BDJ Fair. But I saw some bellas who brought their kids and they love the bungee jumping.

5. Learn and Inspire

My kit from IKIGAI Workshop
I signed up with Ikigai Workshop for Ms. Darlyn Ty, she told her personal story of failure and success. Hearing her stories and experience boost my motivation and gives encouragement. 

Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better. Samuel Beckett

Selfie with Ms. Darlyn Ty
6. Meeting New Friends

I've been BDJ planner user since 2013 and became active on going to their events on 2015 and meet new found friends. The best thing about this fair is having friends to enjoy it with. BDJ Fair was a great opportunity to meet other bellas and future BFFs.

7. First Dibs of BDJ Planner

BDJ Planner 2017
Being at the BDJ Fair you got a chance to see first the dibs of all BDJ Products to check what type of planner will fit to you for 2017 plus you have got a special event price. I bought leather, limited edition and the original cover of BDJ Planner and Navi 2017 and other products for total of 3K they gave me a special bag of Shiseido products worth 4k. Yay!

8. Loot Bags 

This is one of my favorite part of BDJ Fair and attending any BDJ event the loot bags. Yay! I got several vouchers and discounts I can use.

This is my first time to attend BDJ Fair and I can't wait for the next year!

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